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  1. Blown Fuse - Maybe :S

    thats weird why would some one put a tie rod all the way up the steering column, it would serve no purpose "do u mean cable tie" i don't know the exact name for this but yes a cable tie sure does sound better than what i called it (hehehe i have had very little sleep) it is like a cable tie but bigger thicker version. sorry mate i'll try and provide as much as i can think of the terminologies for the parts and what not coz i am tired as.....so i'm going to be a simpleton.....it was a wire that was green which was connected to a "block"(white in colour and had other wires connected to it which served other purposes.......picture a grid 2by8 and in each grid would have a different coloured wire running to it). this "block" is a 2part kind of thing being that it can be unconnected 1 part coming from say the enginebay the other part running to the ecu...these clip together. from this green wire or this particular grid another wire joined to this and was taped up. i don"t know if i've made any sence to ya but hope that this has helped it may just be because of the alternator as myself and someone else had stated, not charging the battery. see if you connect another battery to your car if it powers up, if it does and then drains that battery then you know its your alternator. all the best mate hope you find the cure
  2. Blown Fuse - Maybe :S

    it is located under the steering column. mine had a tie rod that was connected to the pole.
  3. Blown Fuse - Maybe :S

    have you full charged battery lying around. if so connect that up and see if you have power. i had this problem before i lost power to my egi, fuel pump, windows and reds(warning lights). there was a wire that had corroded over time after i had my alarm fitted with a relay.
  4. Blown Fuse - Maybe :S

    have you played with any wiring?

    ,regardless she still
  6. my new rims DISH! PICS

    oh yes indeed they are very very nooooiiiccce rims. nice car too

    as she moaned

    sexually frustrated chewbakka
  9. Can i Boost any higher?

    i was told that it is not good to boost over 12psi with stock cooler. bad for the turbo.
  10. is it like the turbo won't spool? if so then it may be your spark plugs

    this happened to a mate of mine. he had a crx that had the same syptoms to your mums friend, it was his carburretor that stuffed up on him.
  12. engine stall

    on the way home last night my car stalled 50 metres away tried to restart it but it wouldn't. all my reds were off as well. now i've a fairly new fuel pump and just recently go the car serviced. not so long ago i went to check on the car again.....it put the key in the ignition red lights came on....heard the fuel pump cycle.....turned the key....car started....waited a bit say about 3 minutes then the car stalled but as it stalled before it shut completely it made a whuurry or clicky sound as the reds faded. help please people any input would be greatly appreciated thanks
  13. just thought i'd add my 5c. i had that prob before, stop at the lights and car would die long story short it was my battery. the cells were completely dry there was no sign of any fluids. well just thought id add that in case it could be it.
  14. may i ask if these pump come with any warranty. if i was to purchase one and it failed within the months or year would you replace it without charge???
  15. car not boosting properlly

    just to let yall know that i turned down my boost and it runs fine now thanks to all with your input.