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  1. drift monster - rb25 Sil80 Hit and Run

    Dude can you get more.pics.of.your headlights please also what front bar are you running ??
  2. Dusty Bonsai Project

    Keen on.selling your taillights ? Im doing pretty nuch the same.look as you but brown and full supermade kith with s14 front
  3. BENO'S RB26 SIL80

    Sorry if its a repost but what colour is the engine bay ??
  4. turbo autech S15

    ^^^ what headf**ks if.your a switched on idividual its actually quite easy
  5. Nissan Juke R

    That thing is fkn awesome.would be great if it was realised as a production car
  6. Swift springs end story
  7. D-LUX 326POWER S13 Custom headlights!

    where did you get the 326 kit from ??

    Spotted a fd rx7 with a v8 on station was tuff until the driver took off like a dumbcunt weeving thru traffic douchebag

    ^^ s14 looks good are the skirts a.different colour tho ??
  10. D-LUX 326POWER S13 Custom headlights!

    indeed that ducktail lets down the car
  11. do you have any actual pics of the ROTA GKR in 18x9.5 + 22 do they concave in im very interested
  12. 1973 Datsun 1200 Coupe SR20

    Mate that looks hands down awesome only thing id do is get a chiplip / front spoiler and paint the bonnet white
  13. This car keeps.getting better and better
  14. Tristan's Type x - Team CHAULKIN

    lol who's car is it mine or your's ? i like it so im keeping it show me a pick of your car prob some n/a clapper stay out of my thread f**k so defensive did i touch a nerve there buddy and N/A clapper whatever you say dude
  15. Tristan's Type x - Team CHAULKIN

    That type x wing looks absolutly horrible would look A1 without it doesnt suit a silvia front at all