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  1. Hey mate, can't remember off the top off my head but I think they were around 6/8 or so (I can contact Shockworks and find out if you are really interested). They are very comfortable and almost feel like stock suspension but perform a lot better.
  2. Fujitsubo Rm01a catback S14/S15 SOLD

    I want to buy this but I'm in Melb.. willing to ship down?
  3. WTB S15 3 Inch Turbo Back Exhaust [VIC]

    Bump. Nothing out there? Keen on any catbacks out there as well even if it doesnt include the dump/front
  4. Hi Guys, I've got the following parts for sale from my JDM S15 JDM Steering Wheel - $80 ONO Lower Dashboard Trim (includes metal glovebox piece) - $60 ONO Located in SE suburbs Melbourne. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions Simon
  5. WTB: S15 Exhaust

    I'm in melb and looking for a turbo back exhaust for my S15! PM me if its still available
  6. Hi Guys, After a 3 Inch turbo back exhaust for my S15 (dump, front and cat back). Located in VIC. Show me what you've got
  7. For Sale: S14/15 GFB Response Bov (T9004)

    Just sent you a text
  8. Thanks for the heads up, much appreciated
  9. Hi Guys, After the following items for my S15: 3 Inch turbo back exhaust (JDM brand preffered ) Bonnet in good condition - Pewter Grey Front bar in good condition - Pewter Grey Rims in black or bronze (flush fitment on S15, ideally 18 inch and ~9.5 wide) Coilovers LED tailights - DMAX/Mars Performance/Yashio Factory ones Nismo shift knob - 12mm thread, carbon/titanium Im located in VIC, feel free to contact me if you have any of the items above! Cheers, Simon
  10. No longer required

    Awesome, sent you a text!
  11. No longer required

    Purchased an S15, thread no longer required! Hi Guys, Just sold my car recently and I'm in the market for an S15 in VIC (I'm located in SE Suburbs Melbourne). I don't mind if the car has been tastefully modified, in terms of colours I'm interested in Yellow, White, Red, Blue.. (not really picky but would prefer to stay away from pewter grey and black). For anyone considering putting their car up on the market soon feel free to show me what you've got! Cheers, Simon