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  1. R.I.P dr1ft_pig13 (aka Ben Simpson)

    Sorry to hear. My condolances to all who knew him.
  2. Auto's are generally better than manuals for drag racing (especially when set-up right with a stall converter and self shifter). So don't worry about that. If you were interested in circuit racing or drifting, it would be a different story.
  3. car servicing

    For that much, you would hope they are doing a fair bit. They might be changing more fluids than just the oil (like coolant, transmission oil, diff oil, brake fluid etc).
  4. Do you need to replace this

    Whatever you have to do with the gasket (or whatever the seal is), just make sure you don't bend it or get it dirty (with anything, not even a fingerprint).
  5. any good repairers in Melb.?

    The reset button behind the face plate is a pretty common thing in head units. Well, I'm not too sure on that, but it's on two of the three head units I've ever owned.
  6. Be careful parking at Crown CAs MELB

    I used to park at Crown all the time, never had anything happen to me (luckily) but I can see how easy it is for things to happen. I can't say for certain how secure the Exhibition Centre is compared with Crown, but I parked there last time I went into the city and it's only single level, and there always seemed to be people walking around (keep in mind it was a Saturday night though), so it would be harder for a thief or vandal to do anything.