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  1. EVO Brembo's on Rear of s-chassis

    We did this years ago when we were developing the 350mm EVO Brembo front brake kit, here it is all set up ready for testing: But before testing it we tried just the 350mm EVO Brembo fronts with the standard Nissan rear 2pot brakes and the bias was actually good, we were very satisfied. After development and testing we found that the time and effort costs to do the EVO rear would have been more expensive than the fronts, and also more expensive than using Skyline GTR Brembo rears, so for these reasons we stopped further development of a rear EVO Brembo setup. Customers who use standard Silvia or Skyline rear brakes and are very happy when teamed up with the front Evo 350mm Brembo brake kit.
  2. Damn a lot of the pics posted are broken links, one of them showed the wastegate position etc so we'll go back and fix the pics soon. Please email us for more info: ContactUs ''at'' AlphaOmegaRacing.com
  3. Shoot us an email: ContactUs ''at'' AlphaOmegaRacing.com
  4. Make and model: Nissan Silvia s15 Size of engine: 2.0L Modifications to the car: ALPHA OMEGA valve springs, Tomei RAS, Cosworth HG, ARP head studs, ALPHA OMEGA FRK2000, E80, modified OEM airbox, everything else is standard. Type of turbo: ALPHA OMEGA "GTX500" turbo Trim of turbo: / Rear Exhaust housing: / When does vehicle begin boost: When does vehicle reach full boost and what PSI: 25psi @ 4000rpm Does the vehicle have Cams? if so; UN1CAMS What brand: Unigroup Engineering What lift/duration etc: 252/11.5mm + 257/11.9mm Max power achieve at what boost: 330rwkw @ 25psi Build thread here: http://nissansilvia....pic=520672&st=0 Pic of the turbo: How the turbo looks fitted up (this is a previous version of the turbo during our 2 years of R&D): Engine bay as of today, still needs a bit of work: Dyno sheet:
  5. "It's stock officer" Just a few minor things to change and we'll be done here, namely that bit of blue Turbosmart silicon. Current mods are on post #2 but it's very basic - drop in some cams, drop in some valve springs, add a little bit of insurance with rocker arm stoppers, metal head gasket and studs and that's it. No forged this and no step 2 that, no stroke this and no VVL that. You can image it wouldn't hurt to use an open pod filter and an unrestrictive exhaust, but that's not the point of this car and this setup. The S15 is nice and quiet, it's has a full interior and sound system with amp and sub, the engine bay is unassuming, and the car flies under the radar without any hassles from the police. This thing is like a sleeping psycho; docile when cruising around and all hell breaks loose when you poke it. With its exceptional spool just putting your foot down is enough to spin up 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears and kick you sideways. In this car, 4th gear feels like 2nd gear in a 240rwkw Silvia. We found that the real key to the power and response, other than the years of GTX500 turbo development, is the selection of the right parts working in synergy. But as fun as it is... we wanna go fast! Or at least go forward instead of doing rolling burnouts and all the sideways antics. We're going to make use of the advanced features of the Blackbox, change tyres, suspension and other car setup parameters so it can put down the power. More updates to come...
  6. Thanks for the kind words. We did work long and hard on this and have hit more goals than we set out to achieve way back in June 2012 : highest power from a “bolt on” turbo low mounted on standard exhaust manifold stealth engine bay superb response/minimal lag It's only taken 2 years of R&D but like most good things it takes time. The specs we will release is that it uses a genuine Garrett GTX turbo as a base and then we modify it to achieve power with response. The dyno tuning is done by Unigroup Engineering and we're not sure why but will ask why they tuned it with those settings, it's not finished yet so there'll be more yet to come. There are no issues with surging. It's using the same TiAL wastegate as before and currently tuned on E80.
  7. Over a year of turbo research and development and testing and we're finally at a place where we are happy - very happy. Stealth power with excellent response. 330wkw "Full boost" by 4000rpm (25psi) Meaty wide powerband Stealth engine bay We'll leave the results here and come back with details soon. Oh... we named the turbo, it's now called the ALPHA OMEGA "GTX500" turbo - "GTX" because of the Garrett GTX technology and "500" because it can deliver 500hp.
  8. Brake ducting.

    Revolution racegear?
  9. Where onsold cars go to die....

  10. Z32 Gearbox conversion

    Cut and weld is bad - the high heat damages the bearings/unijoints and pulls the parts out of shape... many years ago we tested a cut/shut tailshafts and long story short we refuse to cut and weld. We wrote an article on tailshafts too if you wanted to read the longer story: http://www.ao-ps.com/techinfo/choosingatailshaft.php ALPHA OMEGA's Z32GCK Version 3 comes with all the parts and step-by-step instructions (with pics) on how to do the install so it's easy, any competent person will be able to do the install. We've even had girls do the conversion on their garage floor, just on jack stands. Props to her!!
  11. Z32 Gearbox conversion

    You obviously can't count. We can engineer and manufacture our parts out of any material we want to, to any thickness we want and to any specs we calculate is necessary because that's what ALPHA OMEGA does; we have the tools, mechanical engineers and CNC machines to do it all, but everybody here knows that you/forcedmotorworx don't, it's not your design and you just get the parts and call it your own... but time has caught up with the "thin adapter/no machining required design"... Here's something we posted up the other day:
  12. We'll try to help out here... We done our own R&D with all the gearboxes side-by-side-by-side-by-side-by-side-by-side-by-side and wrote an article about it here: http://www.ao-ps.com...ingagearbox.php Here's a pic of some of the gearboxes lined up: We also rebuild gearboxes and plenty of customers come in with all sorts of gearbox conversion problems for us to fix. We kept some input shafts so you can see for yourself wassup: What's up is the Z32/RB25 (FS5W30A) input shaft is SHORTER than the SR20 (FS5W71C) one. This is an exaggerated pic to show you what it's like: Say you don't wanna spend the coin to machine the bellhousing and instead use a thinner (therefore cheaper) adapter plate... you are in effect spacing out the gearbox, which is spacing out the already short input shaft. A thin 6mm or 8mm or so adapter will flex, that's why standard bellhousing flanges are ~50mm thick and not 6. What happens when it flexes? The input shaft starts pointing in different directions. Clutch plates gets loaded up in all sorts of wrong directions, bearings wear out faster... Cut/shut is hit/miss - sometimes you get one that works awesome and sometimes you get a combination of problems due to the fact that it can be misaligned in so many directions; north south east west axial radial and the weld itself. Here's a closeup of a Z32/RB25 input shaft that came from a gearbox conversion we won't name: Not overnight, but over time clutches flog out faster than normal, gearboxes starts making funny noises, gears get harder to select, splines get screwed up: Food for thought. Good luck!
  13. Z32 Gearbox conversion

    Feel free to count it - the most bolts for any kit available: Most bolts, thickest, safest, most reliable.
  14. Z32 Gearbox conversion

    It's been so many years since the issues were fixed in Version 2 that I can't even remember. Version 2 is discontinued since Version 3 is *now* available (yeah the website needs updating as it still says 'coming soon') where we updated the design of some components, revised tolerances, spend more time to hand finishing everything, for s15 we include the billet steel gearknob adapter so you don't have to buy a new knob and it's cheaper! It's still made right here in Australia, uses all genuine Nissan alignment dowels and CNC measurements for perfect alignment and with 16 high tensile silver bolts it's the thickest, safest and most reliable gearbox conversion on the market.