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  1. I'm kinda new

    Hi everyone, I haven't been active on this forum for about 5 years so thought I'd drop back in. I'm Kristy from Adelaide. Currently own a MY99 Wrx As my daily and a S14.5 which I'm setting up as a drag car.
  2. I'm kinda new

    Yes drags are awesome. I also travel up to whyalla though it is only 8th mile
  3. SA drag racers

    Does anyone else take their cars out to the drags in SA? I've started taking mine out this year so would be good to meet a few people who also go out Cheers Kristy
  4. The Who's Who of Team S14

    Who: Kristy What I drive: Zenki.5 What I do: starting drag racing
  5. Introduce Yourself

    Name: Kristy Nickname: none really Where I live: Adelaide What I do for a living: Police officer (runs and hides) What I drive: MY99 Wrx as a daily, a s14.5 occasionally but mainly on the drag strip Mods/future plans: too many to list.... Dream Car: Interests: Drag racing and horses.
  6. Hey there people, I have recently found out that I have blown one of my coolant lines from the turbo on my S14 so am in need of a fix quickly. Ideally I want to put braided lines on just for the fact that they are better then the standard lines, now my dilemma is sourcing a kit (as I want to do all lines eventually), I have found a braided line kit for a T28BB to suit S14/S15 cheaper then actually sourcing a standard line kit. Im just wondering will the lines be different between a T28 and a T28BB Turbo? Any thoughts on this subject at all would be great, Cheers
  7. S14 Turbo lines

    I know I want to go braided. Thanks for your help mate, Shouldnt blow any more turbo lines once i go braided.. Hopefully..
  8. need some sr20 (s14) cams ASAP!

    PM Sent I have SR20DE Cams out of my old car I am wanting to get rid of if you want a bit of lumpyness etc. $50 and you can have them.
  9. What do you do?

    Thanks. I have my physical and computer test tomorrow which is the last stage of my recruiting
  10. What do you do?

    I currently work for banksa as a branch manager, but currently going through the recruiting process to get into the police force.
  11. Hey, Just a question in regards to putting a s14a front end onto a 180sx, How hard is it, as in what is required to be done/replaced? I know that it isn't just a straight swap like it is with a s13 front end, but I am just interested to see in the amount of work required to put the s2 s14 front end on Any help will be greatly appreciated Thanks
  12. Thats terrible, death hurts so much!! Hope all family and friends, try and keep there heads up RIP...........