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  1. The Home Theatre Thread

    This is my progress so far. Will hopefully gave all the av installed over Christmas.
  2. The Home Theatre Thread

    I am 10 months in to the major renovation on my house, which includes a new addition and alfresco. The addition includes an extension to join onto my existing old outbuilding. This was more to prove a point to people who said I should just knock it down. In hind sight they were probably right The room measures 4.4m by 5.6m on the inside, which I have decided to turn the room into a dedicated home theatre. The idea was gut the whole room and start from scratch. So far I have removed the existing timber floor and poured a new slab, installed a new colourbond roof, added new purlins and rafters, installed a new commercial grade 1.3m by 0.9m aluminium window and red cedar French double doors. I have built an internal steel frame for the 13mm commercial grade gyprock, I am not a tech head, but my objective is to build a home theatre to impress, both in screen size, picture quality and sound, which looks good and on a budget. This is where I want people’s ideas and opinions. So far I am planning: A 120” fixed 16:9 screen recessed into the wall BenQ W1070 Projector I have just purchased a set of Klipsch 5.1 Quintets and 350W subwoofer and a Onkyo Amp The ceilings are 2.7m in height and have built a bulkhead around the outside, I plan on inseting LED’s strip lights to add ambient light to the ceiling and 2 or 3 coloured LED down lights to the edges of the bulkhead. Dark curtains will stretch the whole length of the sides and I will have dark style carpet to the floors. Instead of stadium seating I am looking at a L shaped couch with recliners, which can fit 3 to 4 people access. Any suggestions and feedback are welcome. I am doing a lot of research at the moment, and want to make sure I get it right. I have just finished the flushing and I start painting tonight and the capet goes in next friday This is the progress from around a week ago
  3. Price : $130 Condition : Used Loads of ke70 parts. Need to get rid of the lot. Won't separate. Located in Seaton John 0412978740
  4. Solar Systems

    I got a 1kw solar a few years back and has been taking around $100 off our bills which takes the edhe off. Ours is a north facing roof. The system cost us nothing so it has definately paid for itself
  5. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    Got my pb snapper on sunday morning, didnt measure it but would would have been around 80cm. For some reason I cant upload a pic, had this problem on ns for ages, anyone know why?
  6. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    Na. I felt so sorry for the guy, he looked like death, he was still sick for the rest of the day. Glad we were able to catch a good feed of fish though before we came in
  7. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    Nice fish I went out to Wirrina yesterday. Took a couple a guys out for snook. Didnt stay long as 1 of the guys were violently sea sick, but managed 12 snook around 70cm in 1/2 hours. Poor Guy
  8. Disturbing Movies

    Im pretty sure i watch the uncut version. I got a 139min version? should only go for 104mins or 99mins But Im pretty sure they cut out the new born rape and the sence where he's still raping the chick after cutting her head off. How the **++ do you sit through a whole movie like that ? I must be such a soft cock Call me what you like but there is no way I could watch any thing like that I totally agree with you, I can't understand why people would want to see movies like this. I am totally content going through life without watching movies like these.
  9. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    I have had a couple of reasonable trips lately - nothing phoo worthy though. Went out to the OH channel last saturday morning and picked up 4 ruggers between 42 - 50cm. West to Wirinna yesterday and picked up half a dozen big snook, and a range of other fish, but no snapper.
  10. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    Im thinking of heading out early tomorrow as well. Where are you going to be fishing?
  11. Smuggling Alcohol on P&O Cruise

    There was a good mix of all age groups, and they cater from pretty much all those groups pretty well. I had a ball, I'm already looking at organising another one with a larger group of mates.
  12. Smuggling Alcohol on P&O Cruise

    I ended up being getting a bottle of scotch on the boat when at Pt Villa. Just walked on the boat with it. Not sure if its always that easy.
  13. Smuggling Alcohol on P&O Cruise

    Yeah were going to Vanuatu as well. We leave on Wednesday. By the sounds of i probably wont bother bringing any and will just buy it all on board.
  14. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    Went to Ardrossan and Pt Vic on sunday. Got 1 snapper at Ards measuring 89cm but that was it there. Then headed across the otherside for whiting in the arvo and got the bag within a couple of hours.