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  1. baby name help

    I like Cooper and Cohen.
  2. No and no. Neither of them have their fees on the website that i can find. Otherwise i'd compare them.
  3. Congrats on your new baby girl Donny! She is beautiful! Both the girls are My partner and I are expecting a baby girl in November this year, and even though it wasn't planned, it was still the best thing to happen to us in a long time. We both have just standed jobs (but with plenty of shift loading) and i've even gone to part time work, but we can definately manage. Just because you have kids doesn't mean you have to get the best of the best of everything. We are getting all the big stuff we need given to us by friends and family because we have that kind of support, but even if you didn't you don't have to spend heaps of money. As far as schooling goes, my grand parents have offered to pay for private schooling for our child, but honestly i'd much rather we did it on our own or not at all. And honestly, after going to a private school, I hated it. I ddn't even finish high school because their rules and the attitude of the place just didn't suit me. Just FYI and in no way am i bragging at all, but here are the fees for the school i went too -
  4. Being a diabetic myself (not sure if epilepsy is the exactly the same(i know its similar) I am required by VicRoads to have a medical report done every 2 years otherwise my licence is supended. This is because I acknowledged my diabeties on the licence form. In a medical report, it is up to your qualified practitioner to determine if you are sitll fit to drive or not. Having said that, knowing you have a condition should make you prepared for driving with that particular condition. I've several times had to stop driving, take some sugar and wait 10-15 minutes before continueing to avoid a loss of conciousness. Epilepsy would be reletively the same. The doctors say yay or nay to if you can still drive with your condition or not, however it is the drivers responsibilty to keep up with their meds/condition.
  5. what is your latest purchase?

    where from? From here Cush... Matilda's Place... MY gf has one of them. They are pretty awesome, and soooo hot Too many layers for my liking.. Not really. There is actually a crap load of different ways you can wear it, so much so it comes with instructions and a DVD . You can make it look like one or 2 layers if you wish. There is a good range of colours and styles, and they DO look hot on the ladies Luckily I just bought one then Shhhh don't tell Nat. Ha-ha.
  6. I work in the telecommunications industry, and my job is solid as a rock. We are actually hiring next month, and the business is on target to pay us our bonuses (i'm looking at $4000) as well as the pay increase.
  7. Good Clubs/Pubs

    Cho Gao is an Asian inspired bar at Melbourne Central. It's good a really good vibe and an awesome drinks menu.
  8. Donate to the vic fire victims

    For those that wanted to see, here are my pics from Friday's donation drive. Ryans Stagea. More was added after this pic was taken.. This is looking out the front of my dads place... Looking out the back... This was driving from Yea to Seymour... And these were some burnt out areas we drove past on the Hume, near Kilmore... Once again, thanks Ryan for driving up there, and Donny for organizing everything and Rusty for doing the driving aswell.
  9. State Wide Bushfire's

    Death toll has now hit 135.
  10. State Wide Bushfire's

    Updated map. http://mapvisage.appspot.com/fires/FireMap.html It is MASSIVE
  11. State Wide Bushfire's

    So many people wanted to give blood in Ringwood, they were turned away and asked to donate in 2-3 weeks. That justs hows how many people are doing whatever they can to help with this disaster and the great Aussie spirit.
  12. State Wide Bushfire's

    Urgent Threat Message - Yea- Murrindindi Fire (formerly Murrindindi Mill Fire), 4.45pm Urgent Threat Message for communities of Connellys Creek, Acheron, Crystal Creek, Crystal Creek Road, Scrubby Creek and along Wharregarwen Road 09/02/2009 Incident Information The previous threat message for the Murrindindi fire remains in place. The Murrindindi - Yea fire burning around the west side of the Black Range is experiencing increased fire activity due to freshening southerly winds. The communities of Connellys Creek, Acheron, Crystal Creek, Crystal Creek Road, Scrubby Creek and along Whanregarwen Road from the Maroondah Highway near Alexandra through to Molesworth may be directly impacted upon by this fire. The communities of Taggerty, Cathedral Lane Rubicon and Connellys Creek still need to remain on alert due to fire activity in this. area, fire fighters are continuing to consolidate lines. The Thornton, Snobs, Eildon and Acheron communities still need to remain vigilant Bloody stupid fire!! I wish the wind would stop for everyone sake!
  13. Donate to the vic fire victims

    In the past half an hour I think I've gathered about 8 garbage bags worth of stuff!! Plus whatever Nat can get from his place. I just spoke to dad who said he has gone back home, just to get stuff to bring back to the people who have lost everything. My dad is lucky, because he has another house in Melbourne, so anything they can give they will. I'm off to talk to the neighbors to see what else I can get.
  14. some of those people doing that are forced to as in community hours