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  1. wtb s14 6bolt rear RHS axle asap and/or hubearins gud condition , contact 0408827814
  2. S14 - For Sale

    u parting the car?
  3. anyone got 180 headlights for sale?
  4. is anyone interested in buying a full s13 front? or swoping for a decent 180 front
  5. Well i decided to put some external LED's on, so i hooked them up with the wires connected to the Fog lights ? the 2 yellows bulbs on s13 lights (sil80) so wen i turn my lights on, the LED will also but after a like a good 30mins , the dash, rear, LED, front fog lights stoppped working, relay??
  6. tried looking in my fuse box, but non of them seem to be blown (180sx type X)