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  1. Hello All, I have a 1997 Type S 180sx, Came Factory with a SR20DE Manual. I have just purchased a Blacktop SR20DET from a S13. My issue is the wiring loom is not plug and play there is two plugs behind the passenger side headlight instead of 3 aswell the plus near the ecu is different. I can't get my hands on a TYPE X SR20DET Wiring Loom and Ecu. If anyone has one or knows how to put the type x plugs on the older style loom. Cheers. Slydin.
  2. Price : $500 Condition : Used Hello Everyone, I am chasing an AERO FRONT Bar Genuine, if you have the reo great, also need vents. You name the price. pm me cheers
  3. Sprayed some wd40 inside the leads, runs fine now
  4. I washed it ages ago but cleaned them out lol
  5. Hey all, I have been running a SR20DE Manual in my 180sx for nearly two years now and it has been great, lastnight a mate checked out the a/c lines (got my a/c regased and now it stuffed again -.-) and from there on it will rev fine as long as you easy in the throttle very easy but as soom as you give it the smallest bit of punch it just coughs and splatters, feels like a dead weight as if it is running on 3cyl instead of 4 :/ So I checked all the ignition leads and the coil making sure everything is pluged in and there was a shit ton of water around spark plug 1 (dunno why ) so I cleared all that out and it worked fine, went to use the car 3+ hours later and same issue, put in new plugs and made sure everything was all good and dry, drove for 10mins then it started to stuff up again... So I am unsure if my mate has accidentaly hit something when doing that a/c or if it was just due to the water and some how died the same night we he checked out the a/c. I have no idea where to go from here, was thinking new leads, new dizzy cap or coil? Any info would be awesome! Cheers, Slydin
  6. Nuhh mine were nylock nuts so you don't need too They didn't rust out they just wore out, has about 3mm play same with the other side :/ true that. do u recommend using the kaz tie ends? cos my mate has a set i might steal off him. I wouldn't recommend buying them secondhand as they probs are already worn out :/
  7. Nuhh mine were nylock nuts so you don't need too They didn't rust out they just wore out, has about 3mm play same with the other side :/
  8. Cheers dude Was using them just did a heap of work replacing worn out parts, The Kazamma Ends were worn within 12 months :/ Which nuts? Locking nuts? or the Inner ends where they go into the rack? Thanks heaps man I had all the plastics removed then fitted the cage, removed the two rear bars then cut the plastics I just did it without measuring with a jigsaw The igniotion barrel I got from a 240sx in the States was like $20 you can also get them from a type x but most people want silly prices lol W.A. was done at Wholesale Suspension Sweet as where abouts on the cluster? It's been a while, but going by memory, take the cluster surround off, pop the clear cover off the gauges, and behind the speedo facia, there is a blue square with some numbers surrounding a white (phillips head?) screw, only takes a little turn to adjust it. All I did was left the surround and clear cover off, pushed the cluster back in place, a quick up and down the street, stop, adjust, check again. Sweet as good for next time
  9. Kaaz 1.5 Way?

    Go sit on your fist you time waster Sounds like I need to get some skid rims But either way is there anything wrong with me running a 1.5 way like it won't be a complete waste of money
  10. Kaaz 1.5 Way?

    235/45 R17 is that good enough? I just wanna be able to skid without using so much effort, 1.5 way will do that, I don't care how loud it is, everything is solid mounted with SPL Arms and Solid Subframe Bushes
  11. Kaaz 1.5 Way?

    Cannot spin at all with brand new tyres Unless I am throwing the car around
  12. Kaaz 1.5 Way?

    By the way it is my daily hence no 2 way
  13. Kaaz 1.5 Way?

    Hey everyone, Just need some information on a Kaaz 1.5 way. How it would go in an R200 housing with a 4.3 Ratio and 9.5' wide tyres on an N/a 180sx, would it be great or average? Current R200 is getting loose again so I wanna upgrade to a 1.5 way. Anyone recommend where to get one from? Any information on these would be great. Cheers, Slydin
  14. Hey Everyone, Been on here and JDMST for a while figured I should show you guys my bulid, hopefully you like it was SR20DET Auto then I switched it to SR20DE Manual plus a stack of other shit lol...here goes.......... JUST BEFORE A GOOD CLEAN CLEAN READY TO GO IN SOME DECENT GEARBOX OIL SR20DET REMOVED SR20DE JUST CHILLIN AFTER THE SWAP AND A WASH LOVE THIS PICTURE WOULD BE BETTER IF IT WAS TAKEN ON MY GOOD CAMERA NOT MY SHIT PHONE So I gave the bay a clean plus front strut brace, Alloy Overflow plus new pod filter and custom cover also a air guide just abovethe front bar Master Cyclinder died so replaced the whole lot Then I got Gktech Steering wheel Then made up a knob I got a 2 1/4 exhaust with cat and highflow muffler Ripped out some boot trim and installed the rear brace Then I got an ignition barrel light March 2012 (Want to do some serious upgrades, was starting to get bored with the car, was still in Year 12 :/ ) : Got some Front S14 lca's, uprights, hubs and calipers Then got a BM57 (1 1/16) off Manny 14mm Spacers Full set of S14 Stockies from a mate Got the front R32 GTR (Non-Brembo) Calipers and Rotors from Manny Rear R33 GTST Calipers, Rotors, Hubs and Handbrake Cables off some guy in smithfield Got my mate to make me my eagle adaprtor plate, just gotta drill the holes Chucked it all together Needed A Wheel Alignment Got a Subframe, removed bushes sanded it down then realised is was bent :/ Pretty much gave up on it Then got a toolbox Got some Kazama tie rod ends cause my front left one has a fair bit of play in it So, I got these cheap Then Yellow-Speed Coilovers came along This is apparently level -.- massive wheel gap up front, I need to get my guards rolled mainly at the rear so i can sack it all round\ Due to this So I got a guard roller and had a go at it Worked really well except we had to wind the coilovers back out because the guard roller was to big to fit in there. Plus the inside of the tyre had been rubbing as you can see in the image so we raised it up a bit so there was less camber, need to find a set of arms before I can slam it -.- Thanks to Jordy for letting me use his garage, was going to put it on his hoist but he already had his 1200 on it Makes working on any car a heap easier So got my Whiteline Sway Bars, forgot to post the front one ages ago, I won it in a Whiteline comp the rear I got off a mate So the Subframe was about to go off for powder coating and this is when I found out it had a slight bend in it plus some more rust... So I forgot about that one, was not going to bother with it anymore. Got another one, Non-Hicas off a mate so I can piss off this lock bar and Hicas tie rods that way I can run Toe rods, mate sand blasted it for me too Now I have to just get the time to take it down to be coated and decide on a final colour? Birthday is coming up soon, should be getting a full set of SPL arms and bushes. I got some mudguards off another mate dirt cheap gunna see how they look, not sure if they will suit with the current wheels maybe later on when I get some decent wheels. And I picked up this long block SR20DET came out of a mates S15, so I have two years to learn and build this once I finish off my subframe and adjustable arms and a whole heap of other stuff. Just couldn’t say no for the price... So I put the mudguards on, both front and rear Then I hunted down another Ca Lip and seen that I could put it on my SR Front bar Resprayed it in a flat back At Blaises (blaise_mx6) he owns that Z32 300ZX Then I started on my SPL adventure with some Solid Subframe Bushes Driving along my temp gauge went off, the temp was higher than usual the inline temp sensor was leaking -.- Pain in the ass so a GKTECH coolant neck spacer is on its way Got a hose kit seeing as I need to replace one. Another night I turn my lights on and one of the cluster globs died Have a whole set of leds coming Got an engine stand aswell So resprayed the subframe, primer, blue, more blue then more blue then a heap of clear Smashed out the old bushes, tried to put the new ones in had to use the vice as a press after freezing them :/ SPL bushes are pretty good the only issue I had was the rear two bushes would not clear the Toe Arm brackets so I shaved them down a little Waiting on Pete from JDM Obsession to get back to me about the SPL arms, can't wait till I get them Got a R200 off a mate, having a go shimming it my self pulled it down, more on this later Thinking about getting a half cage and putting it in with the trim in still like this... So I got a spare set of stock Rear LCAs of Jason, with this whole build I have tried to do as much bush removal myself with the help of mates but not taking it to a place to get done to keep costs down Tried to remove these tiny lca bushes was a prick at first but then we figured out a way Ball joints were easy So many ideas, burn it, drill out the center sleeve then burn it, in the end we got a tiny drill bit and drilled down the side got the jig saw in there cut out the center sleeve out and finally with a cold chisel, a 6 pound hammer and a lot of persistence smashed the outer sleeve away too. Sanded back, primer and some blue, still haven't put any clear on -.- SPL Arms arrived Got the R200 in the subframe! Never been happier to see a diff chillin in a subframe lol This thing put me through hell, I had this great idea I should shim it up as my current VLSD is so loose it is depressing in a SR20DE 180sx pretty much peg legging everywhere -.- So I followed a guide and ripped it down, added an extra 0.80mm shim from Nissan parts no. 38424-40F60 assembled it then went to go drop the center in, that was a c!@t then I bent a shim being rough so I dropped it off at bears in st marys he adjusted the back lash and did me a new shim Sits pretty neat, shame GKTECH haven't made some 180SX/S13 diff covers. Then that went in So, LCA's have new Super Pro bushes and new OEM Replica Ball joints pressed in, eventually going to get some SPL Rear Knuckle Bushes and Lockout kit ten fit the Lca's all at the same time But for now, my speedo was about 10% out so I purchased a Jaycar build it yourself kit, assembly was easy but install and setup was a pain because I snapped the LED off at 3am trying to install it because I really wanted it done, missus was ready to kill me :/ lol but all is good now Then I wanted more low to fill up the front guards so some mates and I lowered it Looks heaps better could go some more in the rear, in the end the front is still going to need a tad larger profile but meh for now plus I got Martin at Ground Zero to tint it, looks sick he did an awesome job at an awesome price, recommend him to everyone plus spaced the hood So this is how it stands at the moment, pretty happy besides the shocking front castor needs another wheel alignment asap bad -.- So I am about half way saving for rego, thinking about HIDS still dunno if I should go 3000k or 6000k? Got a tad distracted Cheers If you have made it this far thanks for reading, let me know what you think