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  1. D1 2014 series...

    Hey guys, Looking at heading over to Japan in July and want to check out the D1 in Oita! Not finding much on the net about previous rounds etc? Cheers
  2. Gym wankers

    A dude was wearing thongs at my gym tonight... Realised they weren't the best suited footwear and ended up taking them off while doing the machine bicep curls :/
  3. Anytime

    I don't mind it there and I like the fact I can use any of them, so I can train at different gyms with different mates at different times! Has a full rack of DBs up to 50kg and the Munno Para gym has atleast 400-500kg of plates and 3 power racks! And it's cheap too
  4. ***STOLEN*** motorbike

    Cheers mate!
  5. ***STOLEN*** motorbike

    Hey, I had my 2006 Suzuki DRZ400E stolen from the Elizabeth City Centre car park yesterday between 11am-5pm... If anyone hears or sees anything please let me know... Thanks! Jase: 0422 620 861
  6. V35 cheap mods?

    Anyone seen the centre muffler on these things?!? ITS HUGE!!!
  7. V35 cheap mods?

    Hey, I just picked up a pretty stock V35 300GT sedan... I was just wondering if there was any basic exhaust or induction mods or restrictions that can be changed? Or any other easy mods that can be done for power or looks? Thanks
  8. V35 300GT

    How do you suss out if its CVT? Is there many know faults with them?
  9. V35 300GT

    Hey guys, Considering swapping my rex for a V35 4-door... Its the 3.0l auto version... Nice looking car with a bit of added luxury! But i dont know much about them! Anyone?
  10. Personalised Rego Plates

    PLZB18 lol
  11. Decent font for a tattoo...

    Hey, Looking to get my surname SMITH on my back soon, but having trouble coming up with a font! Old English is on the cards but wouldnt mind something different... I like the UNIT style font but havent seen it anywhere else so Im not sure how the rest of the alphabet looks in it? Anyone else got any other ideas? Thanks
  12. Stock Parts Available or Needed to borrow

    Need stock struts and springs (front and rear) to suit S15 to get through regency... If someone could help that would be great! Thanks Jase: 0422 620 861
  13. The Post pics of your body thread

    bench... 1x115 deads... 1x150 squat... 2x110 (weak) the first photo was ovbiously not tensing as much or after a work out, and the 2nd pic was hard tensed and after a workout. but there is a bit of change when not tensing aswell! when i first started back i was at about (i think) bench... 3x100 deads... 1x100 squat... 3x80 i lost a few kgs from cutting out crap and have got back to the same weight again but dont feel as fat i have always done weights at home, but was pretty lazy and didnt do much. so i have only got a bit stronger but doing alot more now.
  14. Powerlifting lifts...

    damn! some bloody impressive lifts in there!!! 180kg bench press is AMAZING!!! i got alot of work to do
  15. The Post pics of your body thread

    thanks M... weighing in around 88kgs and pretty keen to enter my first powerlifting comp in March...