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  1. Overheating problem!

    When I got it it had abit of white under the cap but the car was sitting for a few months and never started so I thought it could be condensation . Checked the radiator if it was bubbling when I started the car seemed fine
  2. Overheating problem!

    And I took your advice in checking it
  3. Overheating problem!

    Cheers mate I'll take another look at the pump, and re bleed the system
  4. Overheating problem!

    So after getting f**ked around on getting a new thermostat and installing it the ute still crawls up to H the top radiator hose gets fairly hot the bottom hose isn't that bad . Now I'll try a new radiator -.- .
  5. Froggz S15 Jap Import.

  6. Overheating problem!

    Top rad hose was hot as f**k didn't end up touching the other one , suspecting its the thermostat . I've ordered a new one do I'll let you know how it goes next week
  7. Overheating problem!

    Yeah wasn't instantly it crawled up towards H after a few mins, radiators full
  8. Helllooo, kinda having a shit night I've recently bought a Holden rodeo 2000 model with a c22ne isuzu motor. I changed the oil and filter flushed the rad and noticed it had fk all in there and the over flow was dry so I put some new coolant in and topped the overflow and started it, 3-4 mins went by and I see my temp gauge crawling up to the top probs 2-3 mm off H So I opened up the bonnet checked if any hoses were leaking everything seemed okay , but it was getting hot under there . Does this seem like a stuck thermostat ?didnt think it's a water pump cause wouldnt the stuff just piss out everywhere ?
  9. --SRplenty Kay E 70----Apocalyptic Hunters

    Awesome little thing! Keep it updated
  10. Cheers mate I'll give it a go
  11. Simple yet effective – ADM S15

    That was quick!
  12. Thats not a o2 sensor, its a cat temp sensor its useless. My bad. Cheers
  13. F**k hopefully not , i haven't come across anything
  14. O2 sensor had been changed recently at the header side, does the catalytic one need to be replaced ?
  15. I'm getting around 330km a full tank out of my s13 I was told this is about right . But believe is FOS Is it or ??