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  1. SOLD!

    Hi guys, SOLD! I'm new to the forums i'm building a 1989 S13 Silvia (Ca18det) I SWAPPED my Stock 1989 180sx (Ca18det) The S13 is being rebuilt and resprayed, Ive Been abit busy with work and have a few pics of the engine bay etc while it was taken out i have Clean the engine bay and removed all the wiring harnesses a few weeks ago, I'm receiving my block and head next Monday so i can start putting my ca18det together, i still have alot to go on car, im cleaning up alot of dodgy wiring as it had a Python alarm system that looked like some one hacked into with a chainsaw , I'm getting rid of the IAC and Vac box set up to eliminate all the unneeded vacuum lines and water lines, trying to keep it simple and make it look neat. The car is getting a full respray pearl white with black bonnet, engine bay with be sprayed MIRCA RED, I my self have only had the car a few months i purchased it off a bloke which he got it from the gold coast, they used it as a drift car but had rego, Once i finish building it, i will keep it for 6-12 months then sell it, and get a R32 GTR. 1989 Nissan S13 Silvia Engine:CA18DET Spool Rods CP Pistons (20 thou oversized) ACL bearings ARP Head studs Cometic Headgasket Gates Timing Belt kit GROWLY CAS Bracket GROWLY Backing plate GROWLY Timing Gears - Thanks to Matt @Growly Custom Machining Head machined, (Decked 5 hou) port and polish Block (decked 10 thou, bored 20 thou), chem clean Full gasket kit 2L custom surge tank 2x Vl commy pumps Remote oil filter setup Series 5 RX7 Oil Cooler Adjustable fuel pressure regulator Stainless Lowmount manifold S15 T28BB braided oil and water lines Catch can 1/2" fuel lines 2 1/2" dump - 3" cat back Hybrid Front Mount (super limited edition) with mandrel bent piping VAC box and IAC removed Extreme Drift Clutch Suspension: 5 Stud conversion. Cusco full adjustable coil-overs Cusco adjustable caster Rods Cusco front and rear strut brace 1.5 way Nismo LSD Hi-cas Lock bar Non Hi-cas Pump and lines Exterior: D-Max fiberglass front guards (25mm wide) D-max side skirts D-max front bumper D-max rear bumper Blitz fiberglass bonnet Wheels: UNDER CONSTRUCTION Brakes: UNDER CONSTRUCTION Interior: UNDER CONSTRUCTION WTB: SET OF DEFI GAUGES SHIFT LIGHT 5 STUD CONVERSION OR SOME DECENT 4 STUD WHEELS WITH A GOOD OFFSET 5 Stud conversion - EBAY (Cheers datsun180 For Link) SOME AWESOME STICKERS http://www.ihatestickers.com/ FOR SALE: Autometer Water temp $35 Sold Drift Oil Pressure (Bar)$40 sold Drift Air/Fule$45 sold SpitFire Oil Temp $10 sold 2 1/2 inch exh dump back $100 sold autometer carbon series gauges. 1x water temp 1x oil press 1x oiltemp $200 ono. sold Stock piston's and rods CA18DET $50 ca18det Front Timing belt cover & Backing plate $20 Stock S13 breaks front + rear + Lines + rotors etc $100 S13 4 stud Hubs front + rear $100 Ca18de + loom $100 Ca18det manual gearbox + Extra's $400 ONO .Cheap. (Gearbox, 2x clutch, flywheel, shifter etc) Cheers Dylan
  2. SOLD!

  3. 5 stud S13 rotors?

    Hi guys, Ive done a 5 stud upgrade to my S13, and im going to run stock brakes for the time being, i have found some rear rotors that will fit, but i am having trouble finding a set of front 5 stud rotors same sorta size as the stock s13? Any help would be much appriciated! Cheers Dylan.
  4. The Track Hack - SR20 AE71 - Tuned, 230kw

    what did the Kinugawa TD06SL2-20g cost you?
  5. RB Music to my ears shame im stuck with the RB's baby brother Awesome build mate,so clean, who made ya tubs?
  6. Project "Baller" - The quest to break 1000hp..

    This makes me sad so wanted to see this thing finished!
  7. 2 tone S13 ca18det 210 rwkw.

    oh okay, thats good should be to bad, may be on full boost by 5,400ish? my friends ca18det had a R33 GTS-T turbo on it made fullboost by like 4,400 ish where u get the mount??
  8. S13 CA18DET Skidder

    Mate i had the same with my ca18det.... and it blew a HG. i ended up rebuilding due to this! Awesome build man:) keep up the good work.
  9. The Track Hack - SR20 AE71 - Tuned, 230kw

    Keep it up man! so far so good
  10. 180 Type X 292rwkw 98 OCTANE street + track car

    sooo clean wish i would of kept my 180
  11. mz20 soarer a new beginning.

    you will be right, cops loved my s13 when it was up the specialy up here in fnq, =/ *milkshakes* try do me for everything haha,
  12. josh's C33

    Looks good man

    Not big on pulsar's but Looks good mate, keep it up
  14. SOLD!

  15. FC Rx7 build - Back to Brisvegas

    awesome build! this makes me want to get a FC!
  16. mz20 soarer a new beginning.

    haha Nice cops would love that
  17. 2 tone S13 ca18det 210 rwkw.

    oh thats a good deal man, should be pretty sweet, will be abit laggy but gotta Love the High revs of a ca18
  18. 5 stud S13 rotors?

    It's easy to do Place the 4 stud on top of the 5 stud and mark out the new holes then drill Cheers mate will give this ago
  19. SOLD!

    i love walking in the shed and seeing it sit there like that I looks pretty sweet my dad keeps quatoing shit from trasnsformers everytime he walks in the shed hahahaha, he keeps saying he is gonna slap a autobot sticker on it, should be a few updates this weekend gonna get stuck into it.
  20. mz20 soarer a new beginning.

    so far so good keep it up, external gate running screamer?
  21. SOLD!

    Going to polish up my manifold, cas and covers for my ca18, and i have orgainse a Series 5 RX7 oil cooler for my remote filter set up should work well.
  22. 2 tone S13 ca18det 210 rwkw.

    where did u get the turbo kit from? what size etc gonna be epic when its all going.
  23. 5 stud S13 rotors?

    Cheers for the info, Is it simple to do or would it just be better to take it to a brake specialist to do this?
  24. Primal Garage's Frankenstein S13.5 Track Weapon

    Awesome ca18! i got same cas bracket etc, they are soo sexy hahaha, where did u get ya intake manifold man?
  25. SOLD!

    As it sits atm,