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  1. SOLD!

  2. The Track Hack - SR20 AE71 - Tuned, 230kw

    what did the Kinugawa TD06SL2-20g cost you?
  3. RB Music to my ears shame im stuck with the RB's baby brother Awesome build mate,so clean, who made ya tubs?
  4. Project "Baller" - The quest to break 1000hp..

    This makes me sad so wanted to see this thing finished!
  5. 2 tone S13 ca18det 210 rwkw.

    oh okay, thats good should be to bad, may be on full boost by 5,400ish? my friends ca18det had a R33 GTS-T turbo on it made fullboost by like 4,400 ish where u get the mount??
  6. S13 CA18DET Skidder

    Mate i had the same with my ca18det.... and it blew a HG. i ended up rebuilding due to this! Awesome build man:) keep up the good work.
  7. The Track Hack - SR20 AE71 - Tuned, 230kw

    Keep it up man! so far so good
  8. 180 Type X 292rwkw 98 OCTANE street + track car

    sooo clean wish i would of kept my 180
  9. mz20 soarer a new beginning.

    you will be right, cops loved my s13 when it was up the specialy up here in fnq, =/ *milkshakes* try do me for everything haha,
  10. josh's C33

    Looks good man

    Not big on pulsar's but Looks good mate, keep it up
  12. SOLD!

  13. FC Rx7 build - Back to Brisvegas

    awesome build! this makes me want to get a FC!
  14. mz20 soarer a new beginning.

    haha Nice cops would love that
  15. 2 tone S13 ca18det 210 rwkw.

    oh thats a good deal man, should be pretty sweet, will be abit laggy but gotta Love the High revs of a ca18