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  1. Advice for new laptop purchase

    ^ Correct Chappy, it's actually quite difficult finding a decent laptop and I believe a lot of these so called "SSDs" are just quick cached portioned HDDs and not true SSD's. As discussed above I'll be using it mainly for browsing/emails and basic music recording (not full on production just recording ideas/sessions), I might look into a one/two year old macbook pro with an actual SSD as performance wise these are quite good and have used them for music recording in the past. Not too keen on Windows 8 at the moment either Chappy...
  2. Advice for new laptop purchase

    Windows 7 atm
  3. Advice for new laptop purchase

    I'm using mainly Ableton live and Reason for music production and Photoshop CS6 for some photography stuff
  4. Advice for new laptop purchase

    ^ haha cheers dude, thanks for your help also!
  5. Advice for new laptop purchase

    cheers pyro
  6. Advice for new laptop purchase

    hey guys, these days I'm not using my main desktop pc much anymore besides research / browsing / watching shows/movies and basic music recording, not looking to spend too much (around 1k max), just want something fairly slim / compact and preferably with an SSD. I was thinking of either getting a 2nd hand macbook pro with an SSD or the below "windows" laptops; http://www.officeworks.com.au/retail/products/Technology/Computers/Laptops/Performance-Laptops/SYS400CA http://www.officeworks.com.au/retail/products/Technology/Computers/Laptops/Everyday-Laptops/SYNP530U3C are these windows laptops actually equipped with an SSD or is it just an express cache on the HDD? cheers!
  7. The Anime Thread

    ^ Cannot wait for the new season!!! On topic - I highly recommend Samurai Champloo for anyone who hasn't seen it
  8. I Want To Look Like That Guy documentary

    Watched this doco a few months ago, very good watch - recommended for anyone who is into working out / getting in shape

    got a beep from a grey s15 in the port after work, if your on here, cheers!
  10. steveP's training log

    Well done on your squats dude I felt the same way, was always a bit chicken to try heavier weights until a friend in the gym said I should be able to push a lot more and now have gone from 80kg squats to 115kg within a few weeks! Hoping to be at 120kg next week Where abouts are you training atm?
  11. Hey guys, Thought it would be good to start a thread where you can share what good finds you've discovered at the shops specifically for bodybuilding and hopefully we will all get some benefit of trying some new foods. Bodybuilding.com forums has a lot of great food ideas but unfortunately a lot of the items arent available here hence this thread. To start off I'll go with these; Nestle skinny cow ice cream biscuits - low cals / good protein + fiber Woolworths brand oats - cheap and good quality
  12. Counter-Strike Global Offensive

    Don't really enjoy CS GO still similar to Source, very random gameplay, hitboxes are rubbish and recoil is terrible as well. Map designs need to be revamped imo the way the game is currently, it will never be a serious competitive shooter it will end up the same as Source did. This doesn't come anywhere near what CS 1.6 is I hope CS Pro mod comes through with the goods soon and we can all switch to that.
  13. Anyone working in shipping / terminal operations?

    Nice one dude I'm sure you've developed some good neck muscles over your time driving straddles haha I always head down to DP World when our ships come in, would love to work down there! Even if its just starting out doing the lashing / etc.
  14. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone here works in container shipping / terminal operations? I'm currently working for a shipping line in the vessel ops but looking to possibly venture out into the terminal side. How did you get into terminal operations? Any qualifications / etc? Cheers
  15. Adelaide's best parmigiana ?

    I second the Hackney hotel, gone there plenty of times and always great service and quality food - highly recommend!!