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  1. WORK / JOBS

    wat do u do for work? Retail Sales @ Ski Surf & Snow!! Its our family run business we sell Waterski's, Wakeboards, Snow & Surf Gear! We also have a store in Brisbane called Waterskiersworld check us out : - www.waterskiersworld.com do u like ur job? Not too bad, been doing it 10 years now, Like most retail jobs love it when the customers are nice then dont love it so much when they arent!! Has its perks, get to see all the new season equipment before anyone else, and can get it cheap =) are u happy with the conditions? Absolutely!! Family business so its cruisey and yearly trips to the snow =)

    Any Idea Who The Tickets Will Be Sold Through?
  3. unlucky for her thats all i can say haha
  4. tattoos

    everyone takes the pain from tattoos differently, i dont think the numbing cream does alot really..... best thing you can do is just relax oh and make sure you eat before you go
  5. Sleeping tablets

    Aparantly lavender helps relax you so maybe that would help, try putting a couple of drops of lavendor oil on your pillow? I woudlnt go the tablets unless its the last resort **Mel**
  6. Heath Ledger Dead

    RIP My thoughts go out to his little daughter she now has to grow up without a dad
  7. NS.com Staffy owners

    Does anyone know who breeds staffy's in QLD? I have been looking for a purebred puppy, but i can't find any where i live. **Mel**
  8. I couldn't imagine having the responsibility to look after another life at the age of 14. I had my daughter when i was 19 and its been hard enough. The fact that you have to change so many things in your life to be able to afford to raise a child and having no income at that age, would be really hard. Nobody has the right to say that they won't be good parents though, even though they are young and it will be tough as long as they love the child it has just as much of making it as any other child. **Mel**
  9. Just won a PS3

    I won a mobile phone off that game a while back, it was a shit phone so i gave it to my mum **Mel**
  10. State of Origin

    Whats everyone doing tonight for the footy? I'm heading to a mates place to have a few drinks and watch QLD kick the blues **Mel**
  11. Cant post

    You have most likely been placed on moderator preview, you should have recieved a PM explaining this matter **Mel**
  12. Hey People, Just chasing some help, whenever i download an MP3 and try and set it as my ringtone it says its not allowed because of some activation key or something. How do i get past this? **Mel**
  13. Thanks

    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone, i've had an awesome time here and the bus went off Big thanks to Chris, Hannah, Mike, Matt, Kat and everyone else It was good to finally put faces to the names!!! Thanks again and i'm off home today to thaw out, its really way too cold here for us qlders Cheers & Catch you'se all next time **Mel**

    It was a good night, sucks that it got cut short but was hell fun the hangover sucked though **Mel**
  15. Alma Church Tonic Cambridge bar See above See you tommorrow!!!!!!!! hehehehe **Mel**