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  1. Wangan midnight 3: Southern expressway.
  2. EFR 7163 results

    farout. that will be insane. That's like evo level response. Would love to go twin scroll eventually.
  3. Dan, It's Adelaide. As if they'd think forward. pfffft. they'll just pay for any changes with the revenue from speed camera's and defects right?
  4. EFR 7163 results

    Hmmm.... wonder what the twin scroll will do. subscribed!
  5. Wheel alignment

    Again, will recommend Adam @ SA motorsport tyres. Tell him how you want the car to drive and he will make it happen. He'll even do whatever setup you suggest/ask for. Does drift/time attack/rally cars at a very high standard.
  6. I've noticed clunking on my rear too. feels like play in either diff/drive shaft/ axle? Car is being prepped for real man skids Check the differential backlash by rotating the halfshafts and tail shaft, with the wheels stationary. If there's a fair amount of movement then it needs to be adjusted, meaning the diff has to come out and the tinkering with shims or whatever begins. Mine has a lot of play at the momemet, and the clunking is really annoying. Tap the throttle and it feels like there's a steel ball bouncing around down there. yeah that's pretty much what mine has been doing man. wheels have a bit of play when jacked up at the rear too. could probably use a shim I guess.
  7. I've noticed clunking on my rear too. feels like play in either diff/drive shaft/ axle? Car is being prepped for real man skids
  8. Anyone in perth area?

    Moving to perth man, but will be doing FIFO work. will have free accom for a while but will need to source accommodation eventually myself, still looking for decent areas to live in as I've never even visited
  9. Anyone in perth area?

    ahh nice. hopefully I stay clear haha. I just signed up on silvia WA. Much go on there as far as drift goes? Look forward to checking the scene out!
  10. hey from brizzie

    welcome mate! what do you drive?
  11. Deadlifts - How to break that plateau?

    Not alone at all man, I only spent 4 years in the army, knees creak, shoulders click. everything hurts when its super cold. and im only 25 haha
  12. Anyone in perth area?

    Ahh nice! what are WA cops like? my 180 isn't anything silly, just coilovers, not too low, fixed back, wheels not poking not too loud ect
  13. Hey guys, as per title... moving to perth in the next 6-8 weeks. anyone on here live there or around? looking for events/car scene related stuff, any help would be appreciated!