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  1. Hey guys, I've got Work Meisters S1 3P on my S15, 18x9 +18 front and 18x10 +30 rear, was just wondering if anyone knew whats the biggest brakes I can fit? As I've been told these wheels don't give you much options due to the design etc. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for the reply's guys, I have since gotten a reply from the guy, as far as I've seen his work is top notch, was just slightly disappointed at the not so very informative answers to my questions and the long wait to get some of those answers lol, I understand he might be busy and all so at least I got in touch with him and he has written up a receipt for me since, I will most likely go with Bodyform but I will also have a suss at a few other options before I'm 100% sure in which direction to go! Cheers again and best of luck.
  3. Hello, was just wondering how would I go about buying a vertex ridge wide body kit? But only the front and rear fenders and the side skirts. As I've contacted Bodyform a few times via email and facebook and didnt get much of a reply at all, nothing through the email and a very detail less one over facebook. First time I asked about the widths of the fenders was told 40mm front and 50mm rear (for an S15) second time I asked just to confirm before I buy, I was told 40mm both front and rear, so now I'm not sure on the exact details nor am I sure how to go about buying them as I'm all the way here in Melbourne. Any details or help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!
  4. What width are they? Has anyone got pics of them fitted on a S15? Do they fit well and do I need to run the whole bodykit or can I make it fit well with the stock bumpers and sideskirts? Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks for all the info everyone, but I decided to go with Shockworks new range, I was taken for a ride in the company car with them fitted and compared them to most of my friends BC's and one friends ISC Coilovers, and the first thing I noticed was how smooth and comfy they feel, but as soon as you start throwing the car around they really stiffen up but not too much and they keep the car well gripped up on hard turns and that was on the SOFTEST setting too! I was really impressed with them over the other 2 I had to compare them with, so I decided to go in that route + its a local company so they have lots of support if anything should go wrong!
  6. Thanks everyone for all the info you have given me, I wish I could go out and spend 3k or so on just coilovers, but unfortunately my budget for the whole suspension part is at 3k, so I gotta try fit in coilovers, camber arms, sway bars, strut bars, etc all in 3k if possible. As this car is the same as the day it came out of factory and has never had a mod in its life, I need to spend the rest of my money in other areas like the basic bolt ons for now at least with a nistune etc. Otherwise I definitely would of looked into the Tein's or something along those lines. While I'm here, could anyone tell me what brand camber arms I should go with? Was looking at the GKTech ones as they have no welds. Thanks again for all the info!
  7. Thanks for all the info guys, will think about it and hopefully decide on something in the next week or two!
  8. I didn't know there was a step up from ER? Thought those were their best ones. Also as I want to do other suspension mods, so kind of have a limit of around 1600-1800 for coilovers only unfortunately.
  9. Hey all, just wanted some info on these 2 coilovers as it is one of these 2 I will be buying for my S15. Just wanted to know which one do you guys perfer / think is better? The car will mainly be a street car but I do want to do some track days etc mountain runs and so on. Just want some info on what everyone thinks is a better choice / quality coilover. Thanks in advance!
  10. Origin Wide Fenders

    Sweet thanks for the info i was just scared of putting it all on, respraying it then after a few months it cracking etc but thanks for the info
  11. Origin Wide Fenders

    Hello guys, I just wanted to ask what the Origin wide fenders and bonnets / boots are made of? It looks like they have 2 options on most of their stuff like Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber. My question is mainly for the people that have dealt with their fiberglass products, what sort of strength are they and are they worth getting at all? as the Carbon Fiber is much harder to spray (I have been told there would be imperfections wont come out with a smooth finish etc) As I plan on getting the wide fenders Type II 50mm Rears and 40mm Fronts then respraying the whole car, I just did not want a product that would easily brake etc as I've been around friends using fiberglass products before and they were really easy to damage / brake (Cracked as we were drilling holes to fit it), so what are your experiences on these or should I just go carbon fiber and find someone that can do a good spray job to make everything come out clean and neat? Thanks in advance!
  12. SR20 Engine Builders!

    Thanks for the reply's, already spoken to Donny, was just trying to see if there is any others around I could just have a chat with and see how things go. But thanks anyways!
  13. SR20 Engine Builders!

    Hey all, I am just looking for some SR20 Engine builders (not workshops actual engine builders) that have dealt with a few sr20 builds forged bottom ends / stroker kits, rebuilds etc.. If anyone knows of any good engine builders out there that have done their engines or friends engines anything from basic rebuilds to stroker kits, and have done a great job that you were really happy with and had no problems after it I would really like to know about it mainly ones in Melbourne preferably S.E Suburbs but can be up north or east too as long as its not too far from the Hallam area, as I am looking for a good builder to inspect and if need be rebuild my SR20DET before I put it in my 180sx. Thanks in advance guys!!
  14. Identifying an S13 LSD Diff.

    Thanks heaps for this, and yes I found the thread was very helpful sorry for posting this up was just in a real hurry haha thanks anyway mate!
  15. Hey guys I got a diff that came off of an S13 was told it was LSD but I want to confirm that 100% so how would I check if the diff really is LSD without putting it on a car etc as it is off the car atm. Thanks in advance and sorry if this has already been covered.