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  1. I use Jak Motorworks in Cambellfield. Been going to them for close to 2 years, no complaints with them.
  2. is my comppression ok

    When i got mine done ages ago it was 130 in 3 cylinders and 128 in the other. Pretty much what you'd expect from an old motor. If its a new rebuilt motor, you might want to take that up with them.
  3. Have you got an aftermarket ECU? Check your fuel pump, it could be blocked with crap or on its way out. I know for me my Power FC somehow glitched and reset the tune and also my aftermarket fuel pump gave out around the same time.
  4. Turbo = legal now?

    "Rare win for common sense" Thats the part i like.

    You make a good point. No ones going to start a car late at night and hope your exhaust is quiet. Take steps to prevent it being stolen plus put a gps tracking system in ur car
  6. Koya Drift Tek 17 x 8 Gold

    try www.wheelsrus.com.au i got my silver drift teks from them ages ago. gold shouldnt be a problem im thinking
  7. Its probably a bit far out but Rajabs does a good job with tuning.
  8. Red goes faster 180SX UPDATE - 250kw, E85, Poncams

    Red looks damn nice. Have you decided if your going internal or external gating?
  9. R34 Gtt Issues..

    I got it retuned and the cold start issue is better. Ive still got wierd ign tmng changes that occurs randomly at idle. Car drives great at acceleration though. Another issue has creapt out of no where. Occassionaly when i go from any gear to neutral the revs jumps (1500 - 800) 3-4 times before settling at 950 rpm. any ideas?
  10. R34 Gtt Issues..

    Ive got the same issue as you. Cold start is ruining my driving experience. Ive got the same parts as you, except I have 555cc Nismo injectors, Z32 copy and a Power FC. This morning after driving 10-15 minutes home from work i decided to check my hand controller. Even though i have no idea if all the figures are working in harmony together i did find the "Ign Tmng" to be quite erratic. Even after the time amount id travelled the Ign Tmng was changing from 12-17. I dont know if this is a desired value. The sputter was felt exactly the moment when values of Ign Tmng changed. Here is the video i captured: maybe someone could jump in and lend some advice
  11. my 200, zenki ;)

    nice car man. looks great so far. Ur going to regret having your car that low after a while haha
  12. Larger police presence?

    With all this talk of increased polic presence im begining to get worried even when my cars parked...
  13. Jezas rb powered s13

    Just out of curiosity i didnt see what CC injectors your using to make 188kw. Not stock is it?
  14. 180SX Project - 472HP @ 23PSI

    Awesome car youve got. Really makes me want to continue doing work on mine.
  15. why get suck shit sized wheels,havent you seen the offset thread????? I have, but ive since gotten them and very happy with how they sit. Also fitted a DRIFT atmo-bov. Pretty quiet and very stealthy