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  1. Woke up on the gym floor

    i am thinking about adding 1 rep of face pushups to my training journal LOL
  2. Woke up on the gym floor

    Neil is on the money, i just checked the hospital report. The diagnosis was vasovagal syncope. I am checking with the guys at the uni gym to see if there is any video footage as ther are supposadly security cameras in there. if i can get a hold of it i will post it up
  3. Woke up on the gym floor

    Ha ha it was a pretty good stack i guess. I would like to see a video to know exactly what happened. I dont think it was weather conditions or anthing like that. I had already drunk 1.5 litres of water by that time (it was 1pm) and i was drinking during the workout too. Its just that exercise. The matting that i fell onto is what did the damage. The matting is made out of shredded car tyres that are glued together so it is quite hard and harsh.
  4. Woke up on the gym floor

    I had blood sugar test = perfect Blood pressure perfect. Blood pressure laying then standing to see if a drop in preassure = perfect Some electo-gizmo pressure terst. I was hooked up to about 10 different sensors all over my body. = perfect. I dont know what the difference is but i only ever get that feeling when doing cleans. Its strange. I want to get some other tests done as well though. Possibly a brain scan to see if they can find one LOL
  5. Woke up on the gym floor

    the aftermath
  6. Woke up on the gym floor

    no deads squats etc are fine because i guess its a bit slower. It has only ever happened with cleans and i almost pass out nearly every time i do them. There have been a few close calls before where i was able to take a few breaths and get it back to normal. I fainted once about 6 years ago by just standing up off the couch too quickly. i woke up on the kitchen floor. I didn't think much of it and just assumed i stood up too quickly. I guess the same thing comes into play with the clean I take a deep breath, preasurise the chest cavity and then try and stand up as fast as I can to get the weight up. I have never had the issue when doing deads, or shrugs or squats. I guess for me they are just slower movements
  7. Thought i would share a little story about what happened to me yesterday and how i ended up in the hospital. I was doing clean and press and had just finished 4 sets @ 65kg. I got through them fine and decided to go for 70kg which i had never pressed before. I cleaned the weight up and straight away started to get a ringing in my ears and vision fading out. This happens nearly every time i do powercleans. Usually i just take a few breaths and it goes away. This time i knew it was a max even though i could do it easily. i took one big deep breath and pressed the weight. i got it over head and everything started to fade fast. i remember knowing i was gonna pass out and and was able to get the weight down to my shoulders (perhaps further) i then woke up on the floor of the gym. At first i didn't know where i was and though i was getting out of bed, then i remembered i was in the gym and my vision started to come back and i saw the gym. A couple of dudes were helping me back up and my face f**king hurt. I looked in the mirrors and it looked like something out of the terminator. Half my face was grazed off because i had gone face first into the course rough rubber matting. The uni gym is very close to the hospital so i decided to walk. Besides a bruised ego and a slight headache i was feeling fine. I was admitted into emergency within about 1 minute and they started doing a whole range of tests. It turns out i have some weakness where if my chest gets too preasurised it cuts off blood supply from the heart. So taking a big breath and squatting down does this. Then cleaning the weight up with full force makes the blood rush out of my head. Some people are prone to this. unfortunately I am one of those people. I was lucky not to drop the weight on my head it could have caused a lot of damage. I think i will have to cut powercleans out of my routine. I enjoy them and i know how benneficial they are but i think i need to go with my own safety. If i was cleainng a big number and i passed out when the bar got to my shoulder and i fell backwards then it could kill me. Thought i would share my story and advise anyone if you ever have any strange feelings when doing an exercise then stop doing it. I know markos will just think of this as a big excuse for me to start pressing out of a rack LOL
  8. S13 Silva Stolen from Clarence park

    ha ha thanks man. And thanks to everyone so far who has been keeping an eye out. Surgeon, thanks for the heads up dude, i reported that it had been seen to the cops on saturday but no luck.
  9. S13 Silva Stolen from Clarence park

    Its too late now. As soon as the car is reported stolen you cant get a cover note. Im gonna check with transport SA and see if it has picked up any speeding fines anywhere. Miught help with location
  10. S13 Silva Stolen from Clarence park

    didn't have alarm and didn't have insurance as i have just moved back from japan and had not got it done yet. I'm screwed It was out the front of my bedroom window so they must have pushed itdown the road before they started it
  11. hey guys woke up this morning to go to the supermarket and my car has been stolen. Here is a link to it as i was trying to sell at one stage. Any details or help are REALLY appreciated. my contact is 0413 117 948 http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.p...=232788&hl=
  12. wow look at what i just bought.

    I reckon what you think is eating a lot and what a real weight gaining diet is would be very very far apart. You should post up what a regular days diet would be for you. Oki Doke totally off topic but heres my mon-fri meal schedule Breakfast- Bowl of Coco pops rocks + 2 pieces of toast with butter and strawberry jam spread on top BRunchish- at work would have 2 bread rolls before lunch Lunch- 2 sausage rolls with sauce + bag of hot chips Before dinner still at work- some snacks ( tim tams/ m&ms/ chocolate) depends if i have it or 2 bread rolls Before dinner around 5:50pm- 5 dollars worth of chicken tenderloins form zizti's chicken Dinner- 1 plate of Pad thai or 1 square of Lasagne or beef stroganoff thats what i usually eat a day.. dinner varies depending if i'm out or not weekends i usually the same except i get sausage and eggs for breakfast and normally eat out for lunch worlds worst diet ever. Timtams/ m&m's as a meal??? read the sticky threads at the top. Your actually lucky you have a fast metabolism or else you would be a fat bastard by now eating like that. EVERYTHING you eat is processed crap. Its all carbs/suggar Where is your protien and DONT say you have a protien drink every day because that just doesn't cut it
  13. Back In Aus

    Week 8 updated. Felt it went okay(ish) look forward to building from these numbers i used as a starting point.
  14. Best Banks

    i am with NAB. I dont know what savings account they opened for me but its some higher interest rate one. i am making about $500 interest a month. But going to start looking around to see if there is a better option available. Playing with $75,000 so the small difference can add up in the long run.
  15. Back In Aus

    Started new routine today. Just feeling it out. Squats killed me. Had not done 20 reppers in a long time and i used all my concentration on the squats that i forgot to count. Think i could only make it to 15 each time. Have to fix that next week. Snatch grips i dropped the weight but they felt strong. Just kept thinking i was going to smash the bar into my knees. I am sitting back at my desk now and my traps have a distinct throb going on that i have not had before. Must be from the snatch grips.