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  1. hi guys i'm in need of a rb25 gearstick. so if you have one you dont want let me no cheers
  2. G1 results?

    anyone got the G1 results?
  3. G1 Round 1 - 20th of February

    Oh know they wont!!
  4. 1000Hp R34

    yer 26/30 will put some specs up later.
  5. 1000Hp R34

    yer evan done most of the fab work
  6. i'll have a greddy one for sale soon for a neo
  7. i'll be out for once sould be fun going to try neutons
  8. G1 round 3

    have a cry
  9. G1 round 3

    for starters i think everyone should read the rules G1 JUDGING GUIDELINES
  10. G1 round 3

    it never will inprove in sa when all this goes on its a shame the sport had so much potential it used to be FUN
  11. G1 round 3

    With what your saying matt how did that influence the judges into a rerun when the marshals inspected the track to find no oil. So tell me hows that meant to be “flaunting” the rules just by asking the track to be checked for safety reasons
  12. G1 round 3

    And everyone wonders why no big companies want to sponsor everyone’s cars in south Australia….. When all this childish bullshit goes on with these forums. No company in their wright mind would want to involve themselves at all. Ns is going to be the end of the sport in Australia because of all you pathetic people on these forums, you guys no who you are. Just think about it. GROW UP!
  13. G1 round 3

    so whats that make u Christian the "women" of 2010
  14. THE DA 09 THREAD

    1ST LUKE F 2ND SIMON P 3RD JAKE J well done guys
  15. THE DA 09 THREAD

    well done jake
  16. THE DA 09 THREAD

    fink vs simon final
  17. THE DA 09 THREAD

    Yeah but like beno said when you got someone being payed to drift and has plenty of money behind him and he destroys privateers cars you cant really say your on his side with his decisionBut great to see that ke back, looks like a lot of effort went into it. simon doesn't get payed to drive u wankers alot of money comes from his own pocket. just goes to show that none of yous no what the f**k your talking about
  18. September 5TH Drifty prac

    cheers andrew i was in the silver s14 was a good night. been so long, it took me abit to get the hang of it again and set the car up. but had a ball.
  19. September 5TH Drifty prac

    i'm going out its been ages. i hopre i can still drive. ^^^ me to i love turn 3.
  20. September 5TH Drifty prac

    i'm going havnt been out for 8 months, it should be fun
  21. G1 - Round 2 at Mallala

    i wish i was as funny as you
  22. G1 - Round 2 at Mallala

    congrats Simon P for the win nice driving also well done to jake for qualifying 1st you have alot of speed in the car now looking good!
  23. Turbo Options

    gtrs or 2871r bud!
  24. March 14th Drifty's prac

    hey thats my s14 it has 309rwkw for now.... just got to get use to driving the thing. thanks for the pics everyone!
  25. thanks for the tips and help tom and adam it helped alot josh