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  1. If they do an affordable turbo car I'll eat my own shirt Sub $40k, 2 door, 4 cyl, 2 litre or more
  2. Epic car fail thread

    I've seen one in the flesh painted that commodore light green Had to point and laugh
  3. Epic car fail thread

    MCM Forum nuff said
  4. S15 leather interior trade

    So very True But to be honest I met the OP about 6 months ago and I'm sure he still had the red leather interior So maybe PM him he might still be keen to swap
  5. S15 leather interior trade

    He can still read dates
  6. Damn centercaps

    That's not the centre caps for Rhodes wheels I had a set of them on my R33 the caps totally cover the wheel nuts
  7. S15 leather interior trade

    this was 2 and a half years ago
  8. Will a HKS FRONT mount intercooler

    Too much detail in your question It should be written as follows "Will a set of s15 wheels?"
  9. NS house party!

    that's more than half the cost of my car
  10. NS house party!

    may need to source one of them
  11. NS house party!

    lol how am i meant to get to work in the rain?
  12. NS house party!

    nah i dont care if people see it i doubt it will make it anywhere further than 10kms in one journey lol
  13. NS house party!

    I'll see if I can talk the mrs into it, I'm not driving my shit box anywhere
  14. NS house party!

    I just wrote my S15 off a week ago So I'm hanging low trying to save some cash for a new car in January
  15. Epic car fail thread

    if the engine was decent wouldn't he be selling it for more than $7k?