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  1. S15 Front Parts - $999

    Price : $999 Condition : Used WANTED S15 200SX Front parts Bonnet headlights reo gaurds radiator support bumper etc please email us at nisswreck@tpg.com.au or ph/text 0413 376 741 thanks
  2. we do repairs here, give us a call on 8347 0111 and ask for Steve
  3. Old school wedding cars?

    i agree with you michael but some guys might want a rare VL as iv done a few mates weddings in it
  4. Old school wedding cars?

    we have a VL walkinshaw thats low and loud if thats any good for you?
  5. JAF Cruise,

    i was there in our VL walkinshaw, was good until the cops done me for using the trade plate so had to go home and get the GTR i heard there was plenty of defects
  6. Best Place in SA for Gearbox Rebuild?

    we also rebuild gearbox's
  7. G1 Drift Round 3 Final

    goodluck to everyone who entered! i cant make this one
  8. DRIFT PRAC 22 oct

    thanks jack hopefully next time my handbrake will actually work properly also got stuck in the non experianced group as i rocked up late Yerp, also steve in the nisswreck car, some killa entries, and Leigh in the light blue s14, consitant lap after lap with so much speed. Could have floored Clem last night though, my missus went up to him to let him know about the gap at the bottom of the fence and grass along the main straight. in some spots its nearly a foot gap, i have a near 2 year old son who has been coming out to mallala since literally the day he was born.. my missus mentioned it to him, and he turned around and said, maybe you should put him on a rope, or just shouldnt bring him out here if his so young then.. If i was there when she said it to him, and i heard him say that.. I would have gone out in the caprice and ripped up all his grass.
  9. DRIFT PRAC 22 oct

    yea this 180 practice car/missile which has all my running gear from my old widebody 180 pushing 267kw il be using this untill i finish the S14 ur beast is gonna be fun with the rb30
  10. DRIFT PRAC 22 oct

    il be there in the missile
  11. we can hire out the front cefiro struts but they arnt for sale
  12. Need help with REGENCY

    give me a call if you like, i can go threw it with you as we specialise in regency inspections. im at regency atleast 3 times a week clearing defects etc we can even do all the work and take the car to regency for you 8347 0111 cheers Steve
  13. anyone got any footage/pics?