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  1. I have been trying to decide on what car i should buy next, with the main purpose being daily driver and drift pig on weekends i have owned an r31 silhouette manual before, and was very disappointed with its drifting (except on dirt roads haha) however the LSD was totally f**ked, it was on chopped springs and the bushes were gone. I was considering buying an r32 gtst however it is proving really difficult to find a decent one under 8000 and being a P plater even harder to find an NA and converting to NA will cost me around 1500, and i dont have much money to thrash around. The R31 would be used extensively every weekend for drifting and be going to the track frequently. So what im asking is how would an R31 silhouette in good condition (especially diff) go for serious drifting i would be pouring money constantly into upgrades on all factors, coil overs etc this would be a long time project that i would pour alot of money into and eventually converting to rb20DE as i am not a big fan of dirty 30s(and opinions on how big of a job and how much i would be looking at) Or even how would an r31 silhoutte RB30 go in comparison with an RB20DE. And if i could get my hands on a 2 door i would go for it no question. Cheers
  2. hey man i need as much as you can give me, preferably the whole deal top half the dash bottom half with glove box centre console with transmission surround, and ill pay $300.00
  3. I am after an S15 dash and/or center console i am located in Melbourne and will pay generously if anyone can help please message me thanks
  4. are you referring to the double wishbone set up?
  5. yes, this has been established
  6. S15 cluster in S13

    whilst putting my S15 dash in my 180 ive found that the 180 cluster does not fit flush by a long shot from what i know you can buy a kit to convert the mechanical signal from the 180 to digital for the S15 cluster im pretty sure that theres a gear in the gear box that controls RPM unsure about the rest though (speedo, fuel gauge, temp) and will the warning lights when the s15 plug wires are joined to the S13 work. Any other things to take into account?
  7. I know the R33 is heavier but its engine is rb25det has alot better torque and smoother power delivery l also know the R33 has better gear ratios for drifting im not a fan of the R33s body and weight is really a big issue as i train alot on mountains If i got the R32 i would put in the R33 gearbox for sure
  8. After selling my 180sx I am after a new drift car ( not track ) I am interested in r32 skylines but they just come across as heavy to me can anyone tell me how they compare for drifting Thanks
  9. hey, just wondering what are the best coil overs for drifting as i hear there are 4 different types for all different purposes? can anyone tell me the variations between each style and or link me to some good drift coilovers for my r32 skyline around $1000 thanks
  10. $7000 budget for drift car

    Is this worth $7000? http://www.carpoint.com.au/all-cars/private/details.aspx?Cr=8&PriceTo=443&R=10430035&trecs=45&__sid=12E769D04CDE&__Ns=pCar_RankSort_Int32|1||pCar_Price_Decimal|1||pCar_Make_String|0||pCar_Model_String|0&__Qpb=true&__Nne=15&seot=1&__N=834%201216%201246%201247%201252%201282%204294966407%204294963846%20443&silo=1011&keywords= it seams clean and the paint is good so there would be no need to re paint it, id defiantly be selling those wheels and put on my 18in deep dish white walls that brings up another question whats the wheel arcs like on s13s, on my r31 any thing wider than stock wheel touched the shock
  11. $7000 budget for drift car

    haha true true
  12. $7000 budget for drift car

    im defiantly set on coil overs and buckets but i would like a nice body as ive done all my drift learning damage in my last 3 cars i am particually keen on a nice looking body kit and a clean sr20 turbo, or rb20 (r32) id deffinatly be upgrading the turbo and depending on the quality of the current paint job paint the whole car black, what are thoughts on that s13 from carpoint?
  13. $7000 budget for drift car

    i found this one a couple of hours away http://www.carpoint.com.au/all-cars/private/details.aspx?Cr=8&PriceTo=443&R=10430035&trecs=45&__sid=12E769D04CDE&__Ns=pCar_RankSort_Int32|1||pCar_Price_Decimal|1||pCar_Make_String|0||pCar_Model_String|0&__Qpb=true&__Nne=15&seot=1&__N=834%201216%201246%201247%201252%201282%204294966407%204294963846%20443&silo=1011&keywords= and i got him down a whopping 500 to 7000 is this a good buy?
  14. Hello I have $7000 to spend on a car that i intend to do up for drifting i am looking a r32s and s13s mainly as they seem the best thing to get for that budget i plan on adding coil overs, strut bars, bucket seats etc etc etc I have previously owned to R31s and a ae86 what is better mechanically? an r32 or a s13 thanks