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  1. Gang movies

    cant believe nobody has mentioned new jersey drive! all time movie!!! car jack capital of the world! lol @ dont be a menace while drinking juice in the hood blood in blood out is still by far no 1!!!!
  2. Bad Teacher

    haha agreed 6/10 is a fair call... horrible bosses looks heaps better!
  3. Entourage - Season 8 - The Final Season

    why only 8 episodes???? has anyone seen how to make it in america? almost as good... 2nd season bout to drop soon!
  4. my s15

    haha legend!!! dont tell me your still at work!
  5. my s15

    lol.... no way... i only really started this forum the other day... had it for a few months but never posyted. any pics of your car... ive only seen 1 skyline drive outta building D... its a white 34... sounds nice.
  6. my s15

    lol no shit??? too funny. thanks man. havent seen yours... you park inside? what you do at optus bro?
  7. my s15

    yeah champ... at optus. how bout you?
  8. S15 Sub in boot

    whats the best way to fix it so it doesnt move around? any ideas?????
  9. my s15

    yeah i like it... man i love the blue. such a hot colour. what you got planned for your car?
  10. my s15

    this is all i have... ill take some of the interior and engine bay soon
  11. my s15

    will do... when i have a chance... yeah i love the shape of S15s. its my second one. had a couple of evos in between but nothing beats rear wheel drive. got any pics of your car?
  12. my s15

    thanks... yeah i like the offset on the rear... there rota grid 18 x 9.5, 5x114.3 offset 20 rear and 25 on the front still have to adjust suspension just to fill in the gaps a bit but ride height is comfortable atm...

    i have the rota grids on my s15... look exactly the same as the TE's only not even half as much. sexy wheel for the S15.. those white ones set the blue off.
  14. my s15

    thanks man... like the clean and simple look. only mods done is the front mount, avc-r controller, HKS Blow off valve and Tein coils just put some R33 buckets in it... nice to drive. nothing to extreme.