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  1. Got a used nistune ecu just want to check whats on it that possible? Can a map be put on it without the car being there?
  2. sr20det hose kit

    Ty for that. Any idea on how many hose in total? Some have 9 and some have 10 on ebay.
  3. Looking to do some preventative maintenance over the xmas. Where can I get a complete hose kit for sr20det? Mainly interest in pre-molded hose as other I can get from auto store and cut to length. Cheers
  4. Just want to know does the s14 series 1 ignition key has a transponder in them? With the keyless entry, does my car come with one? Did a search but only result is from US cars, it said that if the car has a under bonnet switch and security light fitted in center consult then there is keyless entry. Dont know how applicable is that to AUS s14. Also where would this oem keyless entry box be located? Would like to make sure before spending the money getting a remote. Cheers
  5. Thanks exactly what i was looking for ty.
  6. Just need a quick pointer. Car dont have A anymore. Do i still need B and C? If not can i just hook up a line from the intake manifold to D and leave the plug at B unplug? Cheers
  7. Any idea where this part live?
  8. Anyone selling a set? or know where i can get one at reasonable price without the 2 weeks wait? Cheers
  9. Looking for a working engine preferably in melb cheers
  10. stripping s14 s2 and a s1

    interest in engine more detail please.
  11. Price : $1 Condition : Used Looking for a stock or minimal mods s13 silvia prefer ca18det but will consider sr20det. Must be manual. Cheers