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  1. Gym Buddies

    haha exactly ^ to the having fun part
  2. ha fair enough, cheers guys eased my mind. For sure forms the most important thing always try to keep mine spot on, been slowly working up the weights on these two exercises recently gonna keep them in all my future programs
  3. Just wanted to ask the question, as i keep getting mixed answers. Not lifting anything big when it comes to deadlifts or squats, but is there any weight that i should start to? or is it just a safe thing to do in the first place. Worried as have had back problems in the past (due to inflexibility) so don't really want to go there again by being an idiot, any help on the topic would be appreciated. Cheers.
  4. Gym Buddies

    in some ways i like to work out by myself (gets done a lot quicker) and no one seems to mind if i ask to work in with them - dont want to be a dick and ask if im with a mate. Also like to have my headphones in to drown out the kylie minogue or whatever other horrible music playlist is playing over the systems. On the other hand, got a good mate whos keen on gym and makes sure i dont bitch out haha. plus always good to have a spot on db shoulder press and can use the bar to bench press. ^ oath. theres this one group of blokes who come to the gym now n then, come in a group of six, pull every dumbell from the 15s to the 35s over to the 3 benches theyre taking up then just sit and talk loud as they can cracking up retardedly loud - you know just to put you off if youre next to them - while i fume for half an hour and try to change up my routine around waiting for the dumbells to free up...which they dont. when asked how many sets they have left (not only by yours truly but half the people in the free weights section) its always 6 sets. you using all those? yep. if you want to work in - na were already working in with each other. riiight. cheers guys. haha. theres my rant for the day
  5. Goals This Year

    wanna get 95 kilos, 81 atm going steady, keep changing up my program -not get lazy like last year and stick the same thing
  6. Should of said "this dick isnt gonna suck itself" hahahaha wheres my props mum! didnt the old chook tell you how hot she was??(debatable)
  7. aussie hip hop

    pegz is sick listen to what would happen if you havent already, spit syndicate is good too, check this video out one of my favourite songs its by ozi batla
  8. not a girl but i got a couplei was about 17, came home one night after having a few with a girl id been seeing, my little brothers room was next to mine, so usually we were quiet as you can trying to boof a girls brain out, but this night we were a bit too loud next thing i look up and my little brothers standing in the doorway "are you okay...what are you guys doing" kinda had an awkward moment, realised he was twelve and had already had the sex talk told him to piss off. from then on there was a "no sex policy" in the house, so started doing it my car at night. one night at about 1am our neighbour, an older lady walked past and saw and decided that my mum should probably know, who then decided to have a big talk about both incidents. wasnt to sure what to say ha
  9. vinyl wrapping roof

    nooo chapo mate keep the white on top, looks so much better. guess you n tim can be twins though ha is this cos of what he was saying
  10. S13 HIT AND RUN build

    mint usually not keen on the big bodykits but this is spot on
  11. Kims S13

    haha, oath. i keep trying to influence mine..no dice. mint car kim
  12. reckon looked sick, ah. why does my the thing i love happen to be hated by authorities, keen to see those flares
  13. not keen on sileightys and onevias, love s13s, love 180s but wouldnt do half n half reckon it ruins the lines

    f**kn nightmare. if you find them put them in the car and light it on fire again, i reckon