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  1. Rb20 Manual Ecu - $130

    Price : $130 Condition : Used Standard ecu from my old rb20. Manual. Good nic. Works! Perfect for a nistune. Text me 0411955822 Located traralgon
  2. Rb20 Manual Ecu - $130

    Price : $130 Condition : Used Standard ecu from my old rb20. Manual. Good nic. Works! Perfect for a nistune. Text me 0411955822 Located traralgon
  3. Rb25 Std Turbo - $200

    Price : $200 Condition : Rb25 standard turbo in good condition come get it. 200 bucks in traralgon. Text me 0411955822
  4. 1989 Nissan Silvia - $6,000

    Make : NISSAN SILVIA Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 0 Price : $6,000 Condition : Used Hey all... so i have an s13 with an rb25det in it. bought the s13 with a blown ca18det, put an rb20det in it and gearbox. that didnt last long i think i bought a dud haha... then the car sat around for a good 8 months till i could afford an rb25 for it. so i bought one of a mechanic mate of mine who had just pulled it apart and put it back together so the headgasket and a few other things have been done. i put that in 8 months ago with the 20 box and have driven it up and down the road a few times and started it every few weeks.... its not registered i was planning on getting club rego on it but im sure ill never get the use out of it.. i also repainted it with a mate... it used to be a nasty blue now its white. s15 seats tein coilovers fmic rb25det manual cefiro brakes (still 4 stud but bigger then ca18 and sr20 brakes. i wouldnt mind swapping it for a roadbike or something maybe a v8 something whatever.... just chuck me offers on what you guys have. otherwise ill just take cash. thought it wouldnt be a bad idea seeing whats out there. let me know... blake 0411955822 cheers
  5. Make : BMW 330Ci Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 99 Price : $33,500 Condition : Used Hey all, this is my 2004 MY4.5 E46 330ci M sport, in awesome condition for its age. It has been extremely well looked after. Ive driven lots of cars, its not the fastest (0-100 in 6.5 seconds) but for sure my favorite car to drive. Its that good. It steers, goes, handles and stops unlike any other car ive driven. It has definitely converted me to a BMW person. 330ci is like the baby m3. it gets 30mm larger brakes compared to lower model 3 series, more powerful engine and most features of all models eg standard tv and what not The car has 95000kms, Titan silber (not silver, its called silber) in color Black leather sports seats Satnav/tv/6 stacker in boot 1 cd behind tv screen. Sunroof 3 litre straight six. 19x10 csl wheels on the rear, 19x8.5 on the front. Recently fitted K&N cold air intake. (sounds good under acceleration) still have standard box Carbon tinted windows/sunroof These are the benifits of the M sport over a normal one: Black roof lining Thick M steering wheel M leather gearknob More aggressive side skirts and front and rear bars 15mm lower suspension Louder exhaust Car has rego till november im pretty sure. when i got a rwc done on it, it didnt require anything at ALL. it would need a windscreen now as it has a stonechip, but i can get it replaced at no extra cost, i have windscreen insurance, just havent had it done yet. I cant think of anymore to say atm, but shoot me a text if your interested JUST replaced front lower control arm bushes with super roo poly urathane bushes...... and i used to think the car handled well, holy moly its amazing now !!!!! Ill be doing spark plugs (45 bucks each) within the next few days, and alternator belts too. REPLACED spark plugs and both serpentine belts the other day..... ALSO have just put a little rear window spoiler on the top. it looks sweet. Blake Also open to swaps 0411955822
  6. Ah yep that's alright. Standard suspension or engine mods?
  7. Yeah true i guess. How does the manual go taking off while towing?
  8. Unreal i didn't think turbo xrs would use that much fuel nor scrub the rear tyres. All in all honestly considering how cheap you are able to pick up an ef falcon, i don't think there are many cars which compare for the price. And once your up and going, any hills are tackled at high way speed without dropping speed at all just by knocking it from d back to third. And economy wise 400 kms on the highway to a tank is pretty good i say. Take offs are a slight drag though because first gear is epicaly tall
  9. haha be interesting to hear how it tows. make sure ya win tatslotto to pay for fuel
  10. Haha oh the landy will chew through it man! What model did ya get? Oh nice man i didn't think they do it. There awesome watched a few videos on the net they sound tough.
  11. I got two 12s pushing through to i love the set up. The car never gets hot on track. Just need to remember to turn them on Haha. If i love leave the switch on they just come on and off with ignition but i always turn them off till engine warns up. They sound cool too just humming along
  12. The dude put ours in the engine bay just got power from the fuse box
  13. where did u mount the circuit breakers on the ones u did ??? yeah had to run wires under car along where air con vents feed rear of car and where the other air tank is
  14. have u ever done them on a touareg ?? its a *milkshake*