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  1. Fuel economy is pretty bad with the EVO's. 300-350kms a tank is pretty standard in the EVO's 5-8, they are a small tank. I get that around town in my TME & more on a long trip. But that's expected with any car. You do get more out of the EVO IX's but they have a bigger tank. (55ltr I think) But as it has been mentioned, a good/new 02 sensor makes a HUGE difference.
  2. Perth Girls Cruise

    Women's Motorsport Perth (WMP) are having a cruise this weekend. Sunday the 15th of January 3pm Carousel Shopping Centre Cannington, Top Car Park, Myer Entrance All girls around the area are welcome. Would be nice to meet a few new girls & catch up with the regular ones. Hope to see you there. Shannon
  3. whats better? evo 9 or 10?

    The X is a better all round package. Plus there is 100x more products on the market available for the X, you can source so much more options with it. A retune will produce more power out of a X compared to standard & a retune with the IX. If I had the choice I would buy an X.

    Cheers, I can't wait for more mods. Holding out for a while though. Want to do it all when I get it serviced for the timing belt. Plus work's dyno is currently out of action, so I'll wait until that is back up & running.
  5. Just another female car nut

    Well, will most likely see you this Sunday at the JDMWA one.
  6. Just another female car nut

    Hey, cool to see more chicks out & about in perth. Do you get out to any meets or anything? Did you get down to the ADGP on the weekend at Barbagallo, some awesome drifting out there over the weekend. If you are interested I've started a car club for girls in W.A. that want to get out on the track & also for some social meets. Can find us on facebook - http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Womens-Motorsport-Perth/234517929945836 Or we have a forum as well. (Doesn't get used much) http://womenmotorsportperth.aforumfree.com/ We are looking into doing a skidpan (Performance Driving Course) in February. So if you were interested look us up.

    A bit of an update. Have had the car at Barbagallo's at the No Limit's event in October. Recorded times were: 1.17 long track 1.06 short track Not overly happy with the times, but was my first event in the car, so we are still learning each othere. Picture: Then I bought the little girl some goodies. Some new wheels & also a bigger turbo. (EVO IX Turbo) Pictures: Lastly she got some pink accents to make her look girlie. Pictures

    I need to confirm my CAMS licence is still valid, as I think it may have run out. If it hasn't there are 2 track days coming up in the next couple of weeks I will be doing. Once that is confirmed, she will go on the hoist here at work & get a full check. Then if everything is good it will be getting a full brake upgrade & I will get the 100k service out the way. (It's at 90k at the moment) once those 2 big things are out the way I will be looking for more power. If funds permit, possibly cams when I get the timing belt replaced. Then look into the EVO 9 turbo, 255 fuel pump & intake. Should be a decent setup.

    Yeah, that's me. Sold my EVO 9, because I wanted to buy a house. Sadly, not possible on a single income. I bought the S13 so I wouldn't be giving up my love of racing. But a cheap S13, was just a money pit & knew it was the wrong thing. So sold that & have been saving to get back into an EVO.

    Finally back in an EVO. I picked my baby up yesterday & am so happy to be back in an EVO. She is a 2000 Tommi Makenin EVO 6.5 Not many mods so far HKS front pipe & 3" exhaust system Zeal Coilovers Greddy gauges 17" Enkei Tarmac wheels Will be giving her some love for a while & some track time, then will be modifing. She needs a clean.
  11. What would you do?

    Do it right the first time. If you keep it for a while and the rust returns you will be double annoyed you didn't sort it out the first time.
  12. Bug eye wrx

    As mentioned, go the STi over the WRX. It's not like you get a little add on extra's, you get sooo much more car. You will not regret making the choice to go an STi. (Personally Id go the 05 STi, that way you get the DCCD!)
  13. Google+

    Added the guys above. I need more ppl on there to work out how to really use it. Feel free to add me. evlgurl8@gmail.com
  14. Google+

    I managed to log in this morning fine. So maybe it's just a matter of keep trying. It seems pretty cool. But I am going to need some friends to actually see how it all works. Once a few people move to it/can get in, it will really show what it is like.
  15. Removing tar

    Agreed, I think it is the only thing that I make sure I always have in the shed.