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  1. 350z APS twin turbo kit BITS

    don't have the car just some of the turbo kit
  2. s15 awd conversion

    careful those Prius's.... Priusi.... or 1 Prius. 2 Prius (what it the plural of Prius) they go really fast until their battery goes flat... or you can just drive them down steep hills
  3. sorry its not PBR they call themselves power brakes sa
  4. Adds in front of drop down menu

    firefox and ad block plus... you forget how much advertising is on the internet until you use a computer that doesn't have it installed hate to think how much of ppls internet quota is being wasted downloading ads they don't want to look at anyway
  5. no spark plz help

    its not always the actual coolant sensor there is a plug that if I recall correctly has the knock sensor wiring and the gauge and ECU temp senders going through it under the throttle body and more than once I have found corrosion or the wires break inside the insulation causing these exact problems and more
  6. s15 jerking at high revs

    the extra air leaking is causing it to boost cut I'm fairly sure about it because you are already close to the cut boost pressure and the leaks will knock it over the edge check all of the hose fittings and make sure all the clamps are tight and check them regularly because they tend to work loose as the hoses squash down
  7. not sure what you are going on about take some pics and then we might be able to help
  8. PBR in Adelaide make custom braided lines and they are ADR compliant
  9. s15 awd conversion

    just buy a GTR and put an SR in it
  10. yeah I would stick with stock over what was in the first post for sure except if I needed to go high mount and external gate on a shoestring budget haha I used high mount external wastegate and shoestring budget in the same sentence
  11. Crazy electrical problem

    look at how many wires are going into the plug... if it has 3 wires then its meant to have a double filament globe (earth brake tail) and single filament have two (earth and power)
  12. s15 brakes losing pressure

    yes the MC can do that but that would tend to make the brakes drag and not release but defo worth looking into it
  13. machine the block face...change the pistons whatever... you know raise the compression ratio and run it on alcohol doesn't matter i was just making a point
  14. you need to know what A/R exhaust housing you have once you know what that is it will make it easier for us to help basically you will need to get a smaller exhaust housing the listing for turbonetics are so yours is a T66 so HP-66 10985 hey so that gives you the option of .58A/R if yours isn't .58A/R and its bigger drop back down to that I an also pretty sure that the turbonetics turbos are just re-branded Garrett turbos so you might be able to get an even smaller exhaust housing but then you might get compressor surge because I can't find any compresor maps for the turbonetics stuff so... now I'm confused if its too laggy just rev it more...change the cams... put the compression ratio up and run it on methanol... you won't get 300rwkW without lag unless you replace your SR with a 2J or a RB30DET check out this thread http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=474382 they are getting near 300kw
  15. s15 brakes losing pressure

    check your brake disc runout if they are not running true they will "knock off" your pads so they aren't sitting close enough to the disc for them to work straight away this is caused by bad wheel bearings or warped discs if the wheel bearings are ok have the discs machined preferably with one of the "on car" type ones that bolt to the hub because this will minimize the amount of runout you have its well known in racing where the forces on the knuckles care them to flex and do the same thing if you look at say V8 stupidcars they will tap the brake before they reach their brake marker just to make sure they have something to stop with when they get there