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  1. Na only for loud ex the cop thinks so off to regency. The car isn’t that loud tho, it has a spooling sound because of its small turbo. It has no milo tin, just straight 2.4" pipe to a semi straight through standard muff. Do you need a cat for a 1988 k car? Once it’s all done and looking spiff. I might take it down to the cop shop, show him the paper work, bring a sound meter, and see if he will pass it so he doesn’t have to go through regency and pay for that too. geeez, must have cost a bit from Dany? My statement of requirements says Cat for '89.
  2. you sourced a windscreen for it?? let me know where if you did.
  3. Guess that car...

    suzuki cappuccino 180sx Lexus IS?300? or 200, whatever Pajero
  4. Guess that car...

    That looks sweet We need a university like that
  5. Guess that car...

    International CXT 1970 Ferrari 512 S Modulo
  6. Guess that car...

  7. Guess that car...

    Daihatsu Mira Walk-through Van No one guessed at this one :(
  8. GTA IV patch 1.2

    pretty sure this is a month old and is
  9. buying defected car?

  10. number plates

    can't see anything about it on ezyplates, or Transport SA, or the DTEI site
  11. AC regassing

    there is a profix in mount barker - but it has no a/c guy
  12. Guess that car...

    Subaru Sambar Theres a shop around that can convert Carry Vans and Daihatsu's as well http://www.jp-tsukasa.com/works/parts/earo...gevanevery1.htm http://www.jp-tsukasa.com/works/parts/earo...gevanevery3.htm http://www.jp-tsukasa.com/works/parts/earo...gevanevery4.htm http://www.jp-tsukasa.com/works/parts/earo...gevanevery2.htm http://www.jp-tsukasa.com/works/parts/earo...gevankomono.htm http://www.jp-tsukasa.com/works/parts/earo...tsearoevery.htm http://www.v-van.jp/vv/ NEXT \/
  13. orly? should buy jabba's howd you go with the dissy?
  14. says who?? anyway, merry present's day