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  1. Would it be reliable

    $7k for a 210,000km? yeah nah
  2. This is what i have http://i.imgur.com/bppmYTw.jpg which is pretty much 10 links dot to dot instead of the proper 11 dot to dot
  3. I found out that the chain has jumped a tooth somehow, having 10 links in between the two dots on the cam gears instead of the proper 11 links. No idea how that could happen since I put the timing chain tensioner on properly but when I took it out again, the timing chain tensioner was stuck in the retracted position. I had to tap the release on the tensioner with a hammer to get it to work again. That and the fact that I removed the chain guide at the top to see if it would fix my rattle during start up. I reckon those two f**ked it all up Anyway, I need to put new valves in the cylinder head. 1) I just want to confirm that the exhaust side of a s13 SR20DE cylinder head is the same as the FWD SR20DE from pulsars/nx - Ie is it a 30.15mm no sodium valve? 2) If i get the standard sized valves (34.15mm intake and 30.15mm exhaust), do i have to upgrade the factory springs, retainers, guides and seals ? or can i just literally rip the old valves out and put the new ones in? Also any machining required for that? Not really keen to spend $$$$$ on a DE. I just wanna get it up and running cause its my daily Cheers
  4. Hey all Got two quick questions about my sr20de 1) I broke one of the cam cap/tower bolts. It's the inner bolt for the cam cap closest to the intake cam gear. Would it be okay if I leave it without putting a bolt in? So that the cam cap is only held on by the other bolt. 2) Started the car 3x for about 15s total cranking time and heard weird nose. Hand cranked the engine and felt that the valves were hitting pistons. Would pistons be okay and would the valves be severely bent? This all happened when I bled the lifters last night, I cable tied the chain into the cam gears at 4 different spots, took the dizzy out, took chain tensioner out then bled the lifters one by one. I didn't rotate the engine to TDC thinking it would be alright since i had all the timing gear marked correctly. Broke the cam cap bolt when tightening it and was going well with extracting it until the drill bit itself broke inside the hole fml. I'm planning to re-do the whole timing again, going to take off the cams, rocker arms, then hand crank the engine to TDC and put the dizzy in and hopefully the car should start up fine and not severely f**ked. Cheers
  5. S13 manufactured date

    Chuck your VIN details on nissan fast and it should tell you the year and month of manufacturing
  6. Try change the Mode Door motor with a brown plug that looks like this - http://s100.photobucket.com/user/shadden1973/media/IMAGE_051.jpg.html It controls where the air goes - window defogger, front vents, feet vents etc etc. It might be stuck at window defoger? Assuming you have an AC with the AUTO button, have a look under the dash behind the centre consolde near the driver's side left foot and there should be a silver rod that is attached to the Mode door motor. If you can SLOWLY pull/push it and it changes where the air goes, then its definately the Mode Door motor thats broken. Can't help though if its the cable type
  7. S13 CA18DE ECU

    Yes, they're different
  8. To make sure that your battery isnt the issue, get your battery tested at the local bobjane/tyre/whatever shop. its usually free.
  9. things that annoy you

    Buyers from Gumtree " Hey mate, I'm interested in this. Will you take half your listed price? Also, can you deliver it to my house? My goldfishes are giving birth. Also, if it doesnt work, can i bring it back to you for a refund? "
  10. Just a few s13 problems...

    I'm also having troubles with starting the car in the morning. Had a squiz through the FSM and found out that If i unplug my Coolant Temperature Sensor, the car starts like a dream. Otherwise, it'll take me 5 attempts to start the car till it fires up. Hope this helps
  11. try this link for the manuals - http://180sx.strent.net/servicemanuals.php
  12. mobile guard roller?

    Also have a guard roller for hire. Pm me for details north or north-eastern area
  13. Wheel Calculator

    Awesome! thread should be pinned/stickied
  14. bullshit no one likes the tuna here