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  1. Hi, In the old classifieds i used to be able to make a payment via paypal to make my ad appear on the home page. Is the functionality still available? If so, how can i do this now? Thanks.
  2. Hi Everyone, Ive recently bought an S15. Its stock apart from a front mount, 3' exhaust and boost controller. Its definately running rich - you can smell fuel all the time and every now and then on gear changes it will back fire. My car has a stock BOV but it flutters all sexy. Ive done some research, dug up some old threads with people who have experienced the same problem as me and they have had their stock BOV blocked - which sort of makes sense. The threads are old and most of the pictures in them are no longer available. I took a look at my BOV and the pipes are still connected, presuming they have internally blocked it with a screw or similar? Just looking for confirmation that im on the right track with this, before I go unbolting everything to search for a block that may not be there!? Thanks all
  3. I'd bet your mates S15 has painted chassis rails. (Like majority of their other cars). Oh oh.
  4. Hi everyone, I need to buy some replacement tyres for my AUS delivered 200sx. I still have the standard rims on it. I dont have a tyre placard in my door (will fix this shortly!) so cant confirm the tyre sizes. On the car at the moment I have - Rear - 225 50 R16 Front - 215 55 ZR16 These tyres were on the car when I bought it. I've done some research on google and apparently the car is meant to have 205/55 R16 on standard rims. Can anyone please confirm the tyre size (on the placard) that the car is meant to have? Also, can anyone please advise what tyre size is best suitable? I used to have 205's on my R33. I like the look of the thicker tyres which I currently have on my S15. Thanks heaps in advance for your help. Cheers.
  5. Thanks bass_rulz. Is it weird to have 215's on the front and 225's on the back for standard rims? Are there any benefits? Or downfalls?
  6. Thanks for the replies guys. Not sure if I would get scrubbing in the front on full lock if I placed 225 tyres on the front aswell? Anyone know? Cheers.
  7. Hi every1, my boyfriend recently bought a 34 gtt as his daily. He noticed that under any load, 5th gear is starting to get resistance while trying to put it in. It is okay when driving around town, but when on freeway its obvious. Doesnt happen when shifting down, only up in to 5th. Had a similar issue with my 350z and had to get the box rebuilt and a new synchro put in to fix it (cost me $1500). But my 350z would crunch hard, this doesnt. There is a slight noise but still slots in pretty easily. Im assuming the synchro for 5th is on the way out, any1 have any suggestions where is the best place to take it and a idea on cost? He is located in Rouse Hill in Sydney. Still deciding whether to fix it or just try and live with it until it completely breaks. Thanx in advance.
  8. Hi Everyone, My drivers side door lock actuator has recently started intermittently sticking. It also causes the passenger side door lock to remain closed. As a work around, when it happens I have been opening the door manually with the key. I've read that normally when this happens it is just an alignment issue. Is there a DIY or does anyone have instructions / pics as to what has to be aligned? If I had some sort of direction or instructions I would be pretty confident doing it myself. Thanks in advance.
  9. Fixed. For future reference - my car had the standard motor in it, motor was replaced and issue is now fixed.
  10. Hello, thanks for the tip! Not sure if standard or aftermarket motors, it has an aftermarket alarm installed though (does that mean it has aftermarket motors too?).
  11. mileage in a 350gt

    I used to get just over 500 to the tank with my V35 coupe and the same with my 350z. They both have the same engine. Always depends how you drive it though, and if your doing round town or highway trips.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion lol, but im after bit more of a direct fix!
  13. Dry OEM finish. Until now, I thought I created that technique lol, love it!
  14. running rich, poor idle.

    How about your throttle body? Clean that with throttle / carby cleaner aswell. Did you pull the battery lately? Sometimes if its left disconnected for long enough the ECU will reset. They have a self learn for the throttle open position. (And over time - if throttle body is dirty they dont open all the way and the ECU self learns to correct itself to suit the wear and tear, but when ECU is reset - it doesnt cope). May sound stoopid but just thinking as it could be why you get the idle hunt - 400 - 800rpm.
  15. running rich, poor idle.

    I had the stall issue with my old GTR. Cleaned the AFM's with some carby cleaner - worked sweet after that. The other symptoms you describe are also pointing to AFM or o2. You can clean an AFM but i think your better off replacing the o2.
  16. Hey all, My current cannon - Xforce 3" has a massive dent in the bottom of it. Still works but looks a bit sad. My boyfriend has said I can have the cannon off his R34 if i want it because he wont have his car much longer. Its a HKS Hi Power 3". I called the exhaust shop this morning and they said to switch the cannons on both cars its around $250. Seems a bit pricey, but assuming there is a bit of work involved and thats why. Is it worth it? Or should I just buy a brand new replacement Xforce cannon and get them to put it on instead? Would probably be around $100 more. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
  17. No, both cars! Sorry lol im new to this forum stuff - I probably could have been clearer in my first post. Exhaust was still on his car until we did the switch.
  18. Hey guys, Cost was $125 per car. Presumed this is what a standard install costs? I didnt think much of it I just wanted to grab the exhaust before my boyfriend sold his car. Wasnt just a straight bolt on unfortunately, the HKS kit that was on my boyfriends car was made for an R34. I believe they fabricated new pipes for both cars, took them around 3 hours to fit both. Job was done at Castle Hill Exhaust. For next time, where else do you guys suggest getting things like this done? They have done lots of stuff for me in the past and do great work but im open to other options if the qualitys there and it will save some coin? Thanks!
  19. plz delete

    + 1 for ebay, sorry to hear!
  20. Cheers for the replies guys, I paid the $250 and got the switch done today. Couldnt be happier with the result!
  21. I dont think thats anything to worry about. Nissans just run rich in general. I've noticed that every one I've had in the past (S15, R33 gtst, R34, R33 gtr, v35, 350z - etc) eventually got soot over the rear bumper from the exhaust. So its not just your car! Just wash it regularly (as you should anyway!) and if its gotten to a point that your bar has gotten a bit discoloured from it - a bit of cut and polish will probably work wonders for you.
  22. ^ ... or ever And if it did, its just a good excuse to put a bigger one in!
  23. Bayside Blue R34 GTR Engine bay colour?

    This is normal for bayside blue models built prior to 2001 - both, vspec and non vspec. All models built post 2001 have a colour coded engine bay.