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  1. Hi from adelaide

    should consder the costs of dumping the rb into an s13 vs's a new paint job. I really like the 32 shape, could make it look sweet as with a good colour choice
  2. My Blue S15 *Aus*

    is this a show car? or are you planning on going that direction? curious
  3. Hi new s15

    lol at gf helping sanding pic
  4. s15 boot lip yay or neh?

    roooooof spoiler yooo
  5. what kit is this?

    supermade gentlemen kit with, possibly dmax ducktail?
  6. bride style replica seats

    clear difference between rotas and bride replicas. ROTA branded wheels vs Bride branded fakes.
  7. Drift tek center caps

    just ghetto it and stick tape over it lol

    sorry to hear about your car, hope someone can give info about those ****heads
  9. Car got stolen A.C.T

    lucky you recovered it, sounds a little dodgey though, with interior pieces missing and such...
  10. third party, can't see anyone going full comp unless they have extensive mods and the insurer will agree to a decent agreed value
  11. chasing sr20 black top

    try the WTB section, I think sponsors look through that area more
  12. Dodgy Car dealer

    lucky that you've gotten him to agree to fixing your car. Make sure that it is done properly though and not some dodgey job that results in an even more fail position for the car
  13. vinyl wrapping roof

    what colour is your 180? i like how the roof is same colour as the body, gives the car a fresher look imo
  14. Aus spec VS jap spec s15

    too much faking and gaying here