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  1. Depends if you get composite veneers on top of your teeth or full crown ones...
  2. boooost

    Thanks for this post guys I was going through the same thing
  3. take my lollipop ;)

    That is a great site! I saw the information is very usefule!
  4. Ahh! I stand corrected then, Thanks for clearing that up.
  5. you will be hard pressed to find a Js model in australia. They have wind up windows
  6. Japan Trip

    Thinking of getting a rail pass. Gf is happy to get dragged around/shop on her own. Thinking if nothing I buy is too big, maybe post it back?
  7. The Nanny State Debate

    It is right!
  8. Muffler Opinions

    A Magnaflow wont male it any quieter mate.
  9. s15 dent repair

    pearl or not, u guys need to keep in mind that even in the factory, they mix up batches of paint so 100 s15's might be red,
  10. Exactly those laws are bullshit and has nothing to do with the dog it's the owners and how the dogs are treated.
  11. Quiet exhaust

    Quiet cars are more pleasant to drive.
  12. Noob questions

    pod filters are just a waste of time i reckon, they wont add much if anything to a N/A car.
  13. Working Holidays

    like gone overseas work some form of job to help pay for your stay in that country and party see shit ect.