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  1. I use Skype, KakaoTalk and Viber on my phone when I have free WiFi (almost all accommodation will have WiFi, weirdly the budget accom will be more likely to have it free, hotels tend to charge). free messaging, talk and sending pics. Been away 13 months so far and best way to stay in touch with family and close friends.
  2. Oh and always read the fine print when buying insurance to see who they're underwritten by. Think these guys are Alliance so hopefully nothing to worry about there
  3. Insure4less.com.au Best pricing based on the cover provided. Used them for 12 months traveling Europe, Morocco, South America, North America was I think $480. That covered my DSLR, think it was 20 mil medical, and all the other bells and whistle. Made a claim while still on holidays, a flight was delayed and we missed our next connection. Claim submitted over email, refunds where in our accounts within 10 days. I've used them 6 times previously, and just booked another 2 months with them as we've extended our trip. $137 for North and South America.
  4. Moving overseas

    Left Australia and lived in Glasgow once and another time Dublin. In South America at the moment. Would definitely recommend it, you'll miss friends, family and plenty of other things but you'll experience things that lots of people never get to see and it'll be nothing but great for you regardless of the person you are now. The good the bad the ugly, its all experiences... 1 year overseas is like 10 at home, I NEVER thought I would travel or live overseas but damn I'm glad I did.
  5. what is cheap car to get into drifting with?

    Agreed.Guy, you work at repco a Silvia is going to send you absolutely broke once you add up all the costs.. R33 are worth a ton of money in parts atleast if you smash it you will probarbly come out ontop! This
  6. Time attack /grip in a 180sx

    s14 180sx
  7. mallala matsuri

    ^^^ Mallala will be different to Adelaide but generally mallala its always colder and wetter.
  8. RB20 No Power on Boost

    What voltage was it getting to the pump before you changed it and what its getting now? Surprising what a few extra volts can do, still a good idea to do new pump in the future.
  9. mallala matsuri

    What the normal rate to get tyres stripped and fitted?
  10. mallala matsuri

    What I dont want is a fast dry track and wet slippery grass. It always ends with a car stuck in a wall.
  11. mallala matsuri

    ^^^ 170 cars on trailers would be a hell of a line all the way through mallala town center and down the road.
  12. jap gearbox solutions

    They dont use overrated clutches that are harsh with way to heavy pressure plates.
  13. mallala matsuri

    rain rain rain
  14. So I've got a fare few tyres that I need taken off rims... Anywhere (preferably in the western suburbs) that people can recommend that wont charge me $30 a wheel? I'm keeping the old tyres, just literally need them separated from rims...
  15. Im fairly sure autobahn stock big tines of the stuff. I havent used it but going of the picture on the container it was the same stuff they use to do it originally.