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  1. Great pics, still can't find anyone with pics of my ae86 tho there were heaps of cameras out there
  2. Nice pics, I'm keen to see more
  3. Great day! I would be keen to see pics.
  4. What can we expect from the whole day? Can someone shed some light on previous experiences? Cheers
  5. Who can weld my diff?

    Jazmac in Mt barker just welded my diff outa my ae86 did a really good job. Take your diff center to them (clean it up a bit). Gave it to them at 12:30 got it back by 4 only charged 100 bux
  6. Best place to buy Motul oil in S.A.

    Autobarn Mt barker use to be good but now they disbanded and they have gone to the crapper. It's all over priced shit now
  7. Argh! The 29th of April can't come soon enough. The rolla is ready to go application is going in next week.
  8. Drift on T.V

    The best part was the togue, the guy trying to teach in the 350z was...errr
  9. I'm very keen, been waiting for a drift prac day for ages. Is my ae86 stock 4age going to have enough power to slide? Can anyone weld my diff for cash?

    I live on Woodside barracks near Mt barker. mates s14 was stolen outside the 24 fit in barker last week as well. He was only gone for 45 mins.
  11. Adelaide United

    Agreed, hopefully they get their shit together next year....
  12. Confront him, even a solid fist shake, shouting or show you pinky may deter him lol..good luck
  13. That's bullshit! I dare say it's probably in a chop shop.... Goodluck finding it
  14. Aww that will be an absolute bitch to get out of regency!
  15. 180sx type x wing

    I ran both on my type x, recently put the wing back on and I'm never going back.