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  1. s13 convertibles in australia

    Almost finished Heres a kinda recent pic of how my vert turned out so far... still got more work to do and need bigger rears to fill the wide body out Im selling a full set of seats from my convertible. Pair of front seats and the rears as i dont want back seats. I can do a good deal for the whole lot to any of you guys that own a s13 vert Just PM and i can email you all pics etc http://www.nissansil...howtopic=509968
  2. Rare translucent pink greddy turbo timer?

    Seems to me ur all hitting on eachother..
  3. Rare translucent pink greddy turbo timer?

    Only reason I though it could be worth more is coz I found two US forums with some girls offering up to $400 for a pink translucent one as apparently they are rare.
  4. Rare translucent pink greddy turbo timer?

    The pic is just for reference I found on google as I havent installed mine yet. I guess it all comes down to personal preference. If I was a dude it would be gay but I'm a girl so..
  5. Rare translucent pink greddy turbo timer?

    Well being a girl I don't think it's wank factor at all as I collect cool pink things.
  6. Hi, I own a translucent pink greddy turbo timer, i got it from a car yard in japan and was wondering how much it might be worth ? It plays music on countdown lol Its pretty cool, i tried googling and found a couple people offering around $400+ back in 2009 on a couple forums. I dont think i wanna sell it but was curious to see if anyone might know the value? Apparently GReddy released them in pink, blue, green and grey but made a limited run of pink ones, correct me if i'm wrong but just stating what info i found on google.. Hope someone can help me out! Thanks
  7. Racecentre Surfers

  8. My s13 VERT Street/Drift Build Thread

    Haha yeah i might just do it for special events like track days and stuff... it looks awesome. sorry bout the mix up i just noticed the 14 front and colour of the lights haha Anyways took the car out to the wet skid pan for the first time.. LOL i dont have a shimmed diff so was really hard for me to get both wheels spinning since ive barely done any drifting or skids, i cut up a few clips that i got both wheels going and looks half decent.. so you can watch it on you tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRWhsGXNH4g
  9. Racecentre

    Hey Everyone, Myself and my partner Luke Fink are hosting Drift nights at RACECENTRE on Orchid Ave Surfers Paradise Every Monday and Tuesday Night. These are Australias most advanced race simulators that the public can play on. We generally start around 630-7pm and go until 830-9pm or later depending on how busy we get. The cost is $75 for over 1.5 hours on the sims but tonight we are doing a $50 Special for Locals for an hour Our software has every track in the world and over 400 cars to choose from. We generally drift AE86'S on Japanese tracks or VL's at Oran Park in Syd. Its heaps of fun as all the sims get hooked up together (kinda like playing online) but you are all in the same room beside eachother. All settings are fully adjustable and if your not keen on drifting then you can do RALLY, V8'S, F1 etc.. The graphics are better than LFS We run RFactor software and the sims have hydraulics so they move as well All players get free MONSTER ENERGY drinks If you got nothing to do on a monday or tuesday night then come down and check it out For more info you can visit the racecentre facebook page or www.racecentre.com
  10. My s13 VERT Street/Drift Build Thread

    Someone told me it was ur s14 the tint looks awesome but don't think I'll bother trying to find pink tint. I've got purple at home but I'm in the good books with the cops so... Lol
  11. My s13 VERT Street/Drift Build Thread

    yep half cage
  12. What do you look like?

    me driving my boys s14a last summer