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  1. Y31 Cima Air Bag Suspension

    i know its an old post, but did anything come from this? did you end up tracking down a replacement bag?/bags?
  2. Best Gumtree Ad Ever (One of the)

    i am as well, but its had some thought put into this one
  3. As usual there's always an awesomely written advert on gumtree but this one has had some time and effort written into it worth a read http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-view-details.html?adId=1007827310
  4. 180sx / s13 meet up and cruise

    Id come along for sure! and arvo is better for me also, also better for cameras
  5. These are the new laws that are on the way to SA http://www.adelaiden...3-1226605756161 Just another thing to add to the list of restrictions we all have to abide by
  6. i know its late, but here's my pics. Un-Edited and not photoshopped, https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151566805418322.1073741827.762768321&type=1&l=5f10d7eae1

    Saw two very nice & clean Silvia's today at about 5pm, Driving up Salisbury Highway, Just past Parabanks. s13 and a s2 s14, i gave a thumb, but i was driving the misses Lancer, so prob got laughed at haha

    so old one wasn't locked due to recent posts? as I posted just before it was locked, just wanted to make sure I didn't overstep any line and kill it?

    Just Spotted a very clean silver type x on prospect road (4:50pm) Number plates included the word sex,

    Shouldn't really show plates but i believe that car is owned by a very attractive female, saw it driving in the backstreets of Enfield. waves exchanged
  11. Crash on Road to Torrens Island

    Edited and fixed, when i was told originally at 1am it looked black, and very sad news to hear, from those photos on Adelaide now. Its weird how the Engine Bay does look untouched and the cab is stripped from the fire..
  12. Just Got news a Dark Blue 180sx Has Crashed into a Pole Along the Road Heading back from Torrens Island Power Station, Hoping the Driver is ok, If anyone has a friend out and about and down that way in a black 180. id Suggest calling them and making sure they are ok
  13. Hopefully Entering, Just still tossing up between, 6 months off road and rebuild or keep rego and enter AJD?. is there many spots left?
  14. Giving Away

    still got the intake?
  15. i used IAN SHATWELL lives in that area, 0450 037 327 Tell him nick sent you, hes a pommy guy, Really nice and good on prices, and really good on people passing quickly