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  1. My first import...

    clean car bra
  2. Tough JDM S15

    farout mate im in love
  3. My 180sx SR20DE

    love the type x mate
  4. The S15 that goes by the name of Edna

    love the rims... man looking phat as ferrrk
  5. Andy's 99 JDM S15

    another clean s15 ! nice and clean dont over do it! keep it assss
  6. JDM S15 1999

    simple is good on s15 keep it clean homie
  7. Jasons 95 Toyota Supra NA

    fat colour man!!!! love it looks slick as
  8. transferring shiz to new laptop

    seriously... borrow a friends HDD who got a large gbs ... will save you so much time and effort if not do what the others said connected it to your router network that shit and drag it over
  9. iPad 2

    ipad2 will come out as the same when the ipad 1 did.... meant to be much better performing unit... it just gonna be like the phones... release a new one every year
  10. WoW freakout

    wouldnt be suprised if this was real.... wow ppl are nutters.
  11. Pixars' Fast & Furious

    awesome video lol
  12. yeah 60gb are the only one backwards compat.... but they are def worth a bit more then the other ps3.... chuck in a bigger hdd sell it on ebay

    not really hay tried failed didnt work XD~
  14. JAPAN

    may japan recover from this and hope they ocme back stronger then ever... a country that def does not deserve what its going thorugh
  15. The best rap battle ever

    lol this is old school.... there another one like this forgot his name but basically similar to this video.