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  1. Just need a few things done like guard rolling and a good cut and polish
  2. Well it been awhile But long story short my car sat for 18month with a dead microtech Swapped a few cars and got a black s13 with a dead motor but had paint rb25 Box and custom one piece tail shafthe aswell as being mod plated for 25 motor box turbo brakes So it was time to reshell that stock ride height
  3. things that annoy you

    Having yo sign onto here and other sites every time I want to view them on my phone
  4. Forza Motorsport 5

    Loving the game. Loving the detail but it still seem incomplete as they rushed it to be a release title. Oh the other hand the ae86 with a rb26 is fun as hell as well as the e30 m3 with a na ls1
  5. 18x9 +30 A-disk 30mm spacer 225 40 18 18x10 +30 O-disk 30mm spacer 235 40 18
  6. I had a drift brand but I don't have it anymore coz it was sitting for awhile not running
  7. Lady Luck now rb25 in the build

    Just run twin 12" Davis griag's constant. I'm not have any issue at full noise temp only gets to half and back to quarter at ilde
  8. cheers I can wait to have it painted and tuned
  9. Well tripped it up to qld to play with my s13 Test fitted guards and skirts also as done 90% of the wiring for the ltx-12s
  10. Rb roll call

    Yer I'm still wait to get in to contact with Scott about this. Beside the name difficulties the idea is still the same
  11. Rb roll call

    Cheers ill look into it
  12. Rb roll call

    Oh really? Try searching and couldn't come up with anything.