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  1. Price : $9,001 Condition : Used Lots of quality parts comming off my S13/Parts i never got around to installing. First come first serve, Not holding anything unless deposit is dropped. Willing to post/ Courier just about everything so dont be shy do ask! (including wheels.) Pics avaliable upon request, no point clogging the thread with pictures. if you like the sound of something shoot us a text and ill MMS a photo through, Cheers! S13 Parts $120 - Bosch Ignition leads (5000kms old, perfect condition in original box.) $250 - 4-2-1 Extractors heat wrapped the entire lenght tucked up nicely run very well on a low N/A Suspension $500 - Tein HA Coilovers With 8-6kg springs. 3/4 great condition R/h/f slight leak - no scouring on shaft tho. All damper adjustable and front cusco camber plates $100 - S13 rear Camber arms $350 - S13 27mm Whiteline swaybar (front) 2 point blade adjustable WITH brand new not even 500km old bushes and heavy duty adjustable ball joint links. amazing turn in with this setup and overall handleing -retail at $600 and essentially brand new. $150 - S13 20mm Whiteline swaybar (rear) 2 point blade adjustable with heavy duty adjustable ball joint links. $100 - Tein SS coilovers- very close to brand new however top is for S13 Bottom mounts to R32 Rear LCA. $50 - Reinforced/adjustable roll center tie rod ends for S13 tie rods $50 - S13 LCA's, bought for spares. all need ball joints. two pairs $50 - S14 rack (rack is split and Mc F***'d so basically useless. only got it for spare shaft/tie rods.) or $20/ tie rod $50 - Buzz spec rear strut. lowered + dampener adjustable. no knocks decent low $100 - S13 Rear cradle (bare.) $80 - Engine dampener for S13 less than 1000km old. Blue $200 - R200 diff welded by All drift mods, 6 bolt half shafts with 4.363 Diff ratio Wheels $1000 - R33 GTR wheels. standard rash, awesome condition. With 2x decent tyres 2x stuffed. need them gone. $200 - 16x8 Skid wheels with matte black centers look boss and cheap stretch with 195's on the 8. +40 offset perfect for S13. Turbo Parts $100 - Complete stock SR20DET turbo setup - manifold to dump minimal shaft play, may need a rebuild but manifold/ dump still perfect $50 - Modified Gk-tech front pipe to sit higher to the car 3" with flexi join. $50 - T25 stripped with new bearings thoroughly cleaned, just needs a new turbine shaft. $100 - SR20DET coilpacks With loom $100 - SR20DET redtop ECU (part number 23710 50F00) $120 - complete SR20DET engine wiring loom including Boost controller, Ignighter, startermotor and battery loom! $20 - Coilpack cover Good parts $150 - JDM 180sx factory (yellow) fog lights $150 - Kaixen HID kit H4 - White/blue colour. Great visibility, awesome look. THREE globes included giving you a spare if one blows $600 - R33 GTR seats with modded rails for S- chassis. imac condition bar one ciggie burn on drivers l/h bolster and r/h bolster is worn. $50 - Genuine Nardi Steering wheel, Leather peeling suits retrim Brand new parts never fitted $100 - S13 waterpump $100 - S13 rear wheel bearing $40 - S13 front balljoint $20 - S13 Rear main seal $50 - Whiteline 22mm Rear swaybar bushes Other $150 - S15 Radiator With thermo's and shroud $20 - SR20DE (s13) Rocker cover (sprayed white. will need a respray.) $50 - S13 Boot lid. Spoiler holes $20 - HKS pod filter + S13 AFM adaptor. $100 - S13 Stock exhaust. pass RWC/EPA like a BOSS. $50 - S15 carpet with hole on passenger side (exhaust heated up floor pan while on track and burnt the hole in it. good to patch up hardly visible in car). $200 - Alpine IDA-X3D305S head unit $30 - Red sparco bonnet pins $20 - S13 Clutch slave cylinder
  2. Props' Onevia

    Thanks mate! 1. http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m5qildERLx1qmlfbh.jpg 2. hhaha shit sorry dude im talkin in degrees (as per the wheel align machine at work.) So yeah its probablly close to 1.5mm. Basically slightly over factory. 3. GKtech arms wouldnt get close to 7 so will need to look into some proper ones 4. ABOUT TIME! haha im down when you are, 5. I secretly was well keen. 6. I have Cusco cambah arms so all good in that department (currently sitting at -1.3) but need some rear Toe arms to get less camber + less toe as its WAY high. 7. I like lists. Got my EPA cleared today! managed to pull 91 decibel on lift off with stock system + hollow cat. let me pass tho and finally; Things i have in the garage waiting to be done! S15 Rad + thermo + shroud S13 rear subframe + solid lifters (because f**k comfort.) S15 carpet (replacement for the one that caught fire at winton.)
  3. Props' Onevia

    1. lips there for the lols atm haha its so warped n distorted was about to rip it off 2. yeah was a typo running about +10 3.with castor arms i was running abouT +6 AND NEED REAR TOE ARMS TO GET LESS AS IT STARTS TO BRING CAMBER UP. 4. AGREED. 5. IGNORE CAPS PHONE DECIDED I SHOULD YELL THINGS
  4. Props' Onevia

    Long time no update. So in the last three months not too much has happened. I finally signed up for a track day at Winton (which was 5/5/12) and spent most of april getting the car ready! like a twat I decided not to tow my car to the even So I had to take it eaaasy to be able to Track and back successfully. However had Awesome fun Regardless and learn't ALOT. By the end of the day manged to link the final three corners so that made it all worth it haha Right before Winton i manged to get Defected/EPA'd so right after i managed to clear my defect (wound up coilovers + stock steering wheel. winning.) But still struggling with the noise test - hopefully itll be cleared in the next few days I've also been streeting a bit too much and I managed to smack yet another gutter -surprise surprise But this time damage was a bit worse! R/h LCA ..slightly bent. Tie rod snapped GK tech castor rod bent. Strut Mc f**ked. Sway bar Bushes distorted EVERYWHERE. Spent a little bit of time gathering parts to fix it up and no more fancy shit for me. Currently running stock S13 LCA/castor rod S14 Tie rod/ends just cheaping out so that spares are a bit cheaper haha. All in all cars goin well and big plans for it in the near future. Thanks for readin! Cheers for the kind words man, yeah onevia's are just something cool imo
  5. s15 gearbox into s13

    Does the s15 flywheel have the same hole layout as s13? Would a s13 clutch bolt up to the s15 flywheel then? So have you done this yourself or know someone who has? Cheers man,
  6. Fuel systems generally run on 3-4 bar so 38psi sounds abit low but it could also be ok- better off downloading a 180sx handbook and it'll tell you the specs there. When you installed the crank angle sensor was the motor on top dead + did the marks line up?
  7. Ill backup what DNTBNVS15 said and agree its thrust bearing, the thrust bearing is used to disengage the clutch and put pressure on the Clutch fingers to seperate the Clutch from the pressure plate. When you put your foot on the clutch it pushes the bearing therefore the fingers to disengage the clutch. If the bearing has colapsed when this force is exerted on the bearing you will hear it grind and obviously when you release the pedal, and therefore release the pressure you dont hear anything anymore.. To replace it its Gearbox off and most of the time thrust bearings wear alongside clutches so your clutch will need replacement too (just an asumption tho. but while its apart may aswell get it done imo.) Good luck with it mate
  8. If you cranked it and it didnt fire chances are you've fouled the plugs by now - First thing remove your plugs clean em up- check your plug gap at the same time make sure no electrodes bent or anything but doubt it would be if they werent removed.. What did you actually do to the car...? was it running beforehand and did you plug everything back in? EDIT: Also - "Timing module" I believe you mean the Crank angle sensor? If so then yes it needs to be timed (so long as you removed more than just the cover.) quick google gave me this. http://www.frsport.com/How-To-Set-Crank-Angle-Sensor--CAS--Timing-on-the-SR20DET-Engine_t_25.html
  9. f**kin work of art that is. What finish are you going to use on the mani?
  10. Props' Onevia

    Im back; And shits getting Cereal! set of tein HA's set of 33GTRS With brand new 595's on the front and usedys for the rear Suspensions is Dialed! Currently running; Front Camber: -2.5 Castor:+5.3 Toe: -10 Rear Camber: -2.5 (couldnt get less, camber arms needed!) Toe: +5 Ill drive this for a while, see how I go and alter to suit my driving style. New ZAUST 2.5 straight through stainless with twin exit muffler Also decided to go a different way with styling of the car. As its pretty haggerd and i am gonna slide it no point to make it look good with shit im gonna break anyway so CA front bar with bunnings lipp FTMFW! Also manged to hit my first gutter the otherday haha! snapped a tie rod and had to limp the 10km from industrials to work at a comfortable 15km/h So now with the car driving and sliding well, planning to hit the next Winton/(or Calder i hear?) practice track day ! Yeeeow. Near future plans: Rear camber arms New pads + discs (thinkin EBC red stuff's with DBA 4000 series slotted Longer-term plans: (mid to end of year) S15 Autech motor S15 6 speed manual LSD/spool Cheers!
  11. Gtr rails are not removeable from what I've heard/read. I have never seen someone make customs for em coz I heard its too difficult - if they sit too high your better off getting aftermarket seats + low rails than f**king around with the stock rails
  12. Autech S15 sluuut Another NEW VID pg4

    You sir, Drifted hard! loved to see the N/a out there, With a turbo you'll be rather competitive, good luck with it mate
  13. I have 33 GTRs in my S13- To me they sit too high - mind you they sit at the same level as the S13 stock seats however the fronts a bit higher - compared to aftermarket low rails they sit too high, But for $550 bolted to my car im not complaining! As for comfort they Hold you real well in the corners, however padding is light so long drives can get a bit harsh- IMO if its a daily stick with the S15's if its a weekend warrior get the GTRS,
  14. Legal Advice

    Even my major i just walked in, presented my RWC they came outside, kicked the tyre and said "yes its a car." and thats that- (some exaggeration may have been used here.) but yeah with minor no RWC just inspection by Vic Roads so walk ins all you need Cheers for the info guys, yeah i think ive just decided to giveup on de+t not worth it in the end!- As for the work thing see i would have done the same however i talked to my boss about this and he said to me: 1. he hasnt had anyone pulled over in the last three years, (even the cop-shops 200m away,) 2. Hes never had the issue with another apprentice/P plater 3. Hes never considered the fact; Other apprentices also just shrug it off so dont think ill worry too much... Shame smokey had to leave, was a great insight into his side of things.. stll plenty of good info above to read through thats for sure Cheers for the help
  15. Legal Advice

    Hey guys, So have been contemplating converting my S13 to DE+T (on P's,) coz im over power-less-ness.. but after reading this thread im getting second thoughts.. So could You tell me what kind of fine/defect would i be looking at if i got caught driving a turbo car on my P's? I get the 3 demerits for driving restricted vehicle but would i cop much else ontop? also... This ones lookin at you Smokey; How good are the every-day cops at picking a turbo on a car? ive heard some stupid story which makes me think i could fool the odd one.. and finally; At work im driving Turbos/ 8s+ basically everyday- however its for work purposes (work at an Audi dealer,) Could i still get done for it? Cheers Janek