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  1. Touch Footy Team

    Jase.. have a look at BMTA (bris metro touch assoc).. they have grounds at camp hill and RNA (central).... and a very well administered comp/club. I would Love to play in a NS team... i already play mon/tue/wed and have training fri... let me know what nite your looking at... Could def help out with other things tho (uniforms etc) as we already have suppliers.. maybe Loz might look at sponsoring us?? hehe Get in touch man... would be keen as to get this happening...
  2. Running thread

    30 decreasing sets (30, 30sec rest, 29, 30sec rest etc)? If so, VERY impressive! Yeah the pushup is killer
  3. Running thread

    Its a series of four excersises performed for 30 seconds each,done continuosly for the required effect. 1. jumping jacks....basic jump,arms out to the side 2. split stride jumps....legs go back and forth over an imaginery line 3. burpees......the toughest calisthenic I know,squat down,kick legs out,back in,jump up 4. star jumps...........bend down and touch your toes,jump as high as you can,forming a star. Luke has gone for 7 continuous minutes,my son Max has gone for 12 minutes.Just 4 minures is torture. Thanks for that beep test chart,a boxer did 15.6,thats the highest recorded at the AIS. Burpees are the tool of the devil.. we used to use burpee conditioning for HIIT.. tho we did them slightly different.. add a pushup after you kick your legs out, then once back in squat position explode up striving for max height. The guys who do this best are in the bottom of the push up when their toes hit the ground, very fluid movement. We used to do decreasing sets, starting with 20 (20, rest, 19, rest, 18 etc), 30 sec rest periods. I dare anyone to try this, its killer. If you can do 25, much respect, I'd love to be able to do 30 (with correct form). The other way we did them was 30sec on 30sec off... aim for 12-15 reps in your 30on... good luck! btw this is not a warmup lol
  4. Running thread

    Sorry for the crappy scans.. can resize them if you want
  5. insulin

    My sis in law is diabetic.. she explained it too me one day.. but basically its not a smart idea it will lead to the development of diabetes, as the body’s own ability to produce the hormone fails. "Insulin is used in bodybuilding to increase the bulk of muscles. Regular injections of short-acting insulin are combined with a high carbohydrate diet and this has two helpful effects. Firstly, the insulin works in the same way as it does in endurance athletes – increasing the volume of glycogen and leading to an increase in muscle bulk. The second effect is that it prevents the breakdown of muscle protein. This means more muscle is made than destroyed, thereby increasing the size of muscles."
  6. Cardio

    I have to admit HIIT does work for me... some very intresting comments in there, great read!
  7. Southside... Time: Wednesday and Thursday Nights 6.15 sign on, 6:30pm start (Beginners and P1) 7:30 sign on, 7:45pm start (P2 and Advanced) Brisbane Adventist College - Student Center 303A Broadwater Rd, Mansfield, Brisbane
  8. Know your VO2 max?

    Yup.. Lance Armstrong can do it end to end... It was quoted David Beckham could too, but then after digging into it a bit, I found out that the FA players only do a 15lvl test
  9. Know your VO2 max?

    Ah k, we do it indoors so the wind isnt a factor.. but when I do it on grass I wear my blades(cleats/boots/whatever you want to call them) and I find its just as easy to turn, if anything turning on the hard surface has strengthened my ankles, I also make a point to turn off each foot alt, not always strong(er) side. I also used to train to a longer distance (1m) but i found in the higher levels my timing was all wrong...
  10. Know your VO2 max?

    No probs It can be done Just gotta find the right balance. Tell me when you do it.. what technique do you use? do you power off the turn, and stride the last 10 or vice versa? And do you always do it in the same conditions (ie: indoors)? The guy I was talking about that got tested at UQ can hit L18
  11. Know your VO2 max?

    Just scanned this from the book I got with the CD
  12. Know your VO2 max?

    Charlie Francis Thread Thanks mate will check that out... quick skip over looks like some great info there So I guess (and this is getting a little OT) the question I come to where do I fit it in with playing Mon/Tues/Wed and training (with teams) Fri(HIIT)/Sat(Agaility).. At the moment I feel I need those 2 days off that I have and don't know how my body will cope with loosing them, I'm already suffering from this damn chest infection I cant seem to shake... I'll be picking up a rep game on Fri next season and that means I will have training on thrus, giving me tues and sun off... I know I gotta do it.. get the feeling I'm gonna crash and burn. Beep test gives you a good est value Have a look on see if you can find a copy, I'd post a link but I'd get my bandwidth owned, so if you cant find a copy PM me and I'll send u the link to my ftp.
  13. Know your VO2 max?

    Hey I wasnt having a shot at the guy or weight training, to be honest I dont do any weight training as yet.. and yes I can see now how you jumped to the conclusion that this thread was having a shot at this guy. My concern is I'm about to get into the gym, and am worried about loosing speed/agility by putting on bulk, I was honestly suprised at his result, I dont understand how he scored so low. Maybe should had made that more clear in my initial post Also FYI SSSR20DET.. some approx values for you Level/Shuttle/VO2 Max 12 2 54.3 12 4 54.8 12 6 55.4 12 8 56.0 12 10 56.5 12 12 57.1 14 2 61.1 14 4 61.7 14 6 62.2 14 8 62.7 14 10 63.2 14 13 64.0
  14. Know your VO2 max?

    For those of you playing at home - VO2 max norms One of the guys I play touch with got tested at UQ.. 76.2 He's a Freak