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  1. sputtering and misfiring on a hot day

    coilpacks ded.. borrow a set to test then replace
  2. s13 repair help

    replace boot, rear bar and garnish. remove taillights and beat out the beaver to line up the lights and paint + blend rear 1/4s job done! if you can source the parts and tell the shop you have that then all thats required is labour and paint and sort it out with insurance
  3. S15 JDM stock turbo noise

    did your mechanic even check your spark plugs/gaps or coilpacks? could even be an earth as well...
  4. hmm, may be difficult to source second hand ones in good condition. Seems like I'll have to look around a bit. Wow they're expensive for what they are, replaced all my door hinge pins and bushes for a little over half that price, with genuine nissan parts. Shit aint cheap man but thats the best price i found as well when i was considering doing mine. i'm just dealing with it the way it is and when i do replace i'll take it to clarke rubber and get a new strip glued on
  5. highly possible i could attend - time dependant of corse
  6. Looking to get some decent skids happening soon so need to address my diff. never opened it up and not 100% sure what it is but it should be a open diff so while i have some time off over xmas period i want to do this. looking at getting a r32 gtst R200 or something with similar ratios... my s13q's was de and auto - now turbo manual just need to figure out if it was lsd and its loose as a goose now and needs shim or change for another diff. probably been covered multiple times i know but seriously so much conflicting info floating about surely active members can shed some wizdom upon my virgin ass
  7. Fuel pump not getting power

    i had the same problem - mine was the immobiliser i later found. i hard wired mine from the relay under the fuse box and ran the power direct to the plug worked a treat
  8. Bits required to fit T28 on a S13

    Turn the fitting so the hose is facing down instead of the rod
  9. trust me, this rust repair is getting reeeeaaaallll long in the tooth, after i finish this car i'd probably never want to build another one again! well that's what i tell myself now at least! something lovely happened to me last week, while i was welding in a new inner sil panel patch, i was laying on the floor on my side, a bead of weld splatter went into my ear hole and i think melted into my brain... i mean i can still feel it in there a week after, no amount of cotton bud prodding has removed said bead of hot weld...... not fun, you actually hear the inside of your ear melting..... Rudolf. i know this pain... happened to me a few months back when i was welding in a new sil panel on a s13. It's up there with slag between the toes
  10. could be involved in a leisurely drive providing its after work or a weekend nothing is planned. Keen for a BBQ or track day iuf the price is right
  11. s14a dori project .....Sil80 reshelling

    Haha nah good steering man srsly paint will last longer keeping some space tho
  12. T28 hot pipe snout

    i worked out who PMOD is
  13. s14a dori project .....Sil80 reshelling

    dang dang soo much awesome - makes me realize how much i need to get out there and f**k shit up so i can fix more shit haha Awesome video, looks like you nail that 1st corner without following someone
  14. s14a dori project .....Sil80 reshelling

    Good combo man, blue looks awesome and i like what you did with that flake man - least you wont have to match that part of the car ay
  15. s13 bov removal

    i've never seen a side mount on any car... i removed old motor and replaced with det and run no BOV. I am leaning toward finding a stock one and doing return at least If you mean you want a stock side mount cooler, I've got two of them Rezzy. You can have one dirt cheap if you like. No stock bov on either sadly. Cheers Pmod but just looking to add just the stock bov or something that doesnt make a sound that will piss me off with it plumbed back