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  1. Forza Motorsport 5

    you keep it real. I have eep it beer
  2. Forza Motorsport 5

    All this non drift talk is amazing
  3. every time I get on these days, I have no friends online and as you all might have seen the new trend of KILL EVERYONE has emerged. I do 1 mission then find myself in a 5 way deathmatch on the streets lol
  4. Xbox One

    I ask because I only use forza for drifting
  5. Xbox One

    Whats modding cars like? Can you go low or not? Rim selection? Offset etc?
  6. Fallout 4

    Omg omg omg omg
  7. Deathmatches are fun but chew through your money since you have to stock up on ammo. I did a hour long match and we all went through our full inventory. Racing doesn't cost you money and is over quicker.
  8. If only they made the neon buggy faster. It's a hunk of shit and takes ages to get in the campaign. How do you get it online?
  9. Lol I was drunk 95% of the time playing forza drift online but with gta I need to communicate more and it's just a shomozzle hahaha
  10. had the same thing the other day. I have telstra cable also which is fast but all of a sudden everybody left. Must be a rockstar server thing? Anybody got a 250k bonus yet?
  11. generic topic title

    I want the heater hose delete! But in all seriousness mate, I'm sorry about your mate passing.
  12. Another tip for money is to steal a certain type of car and sell it at los whatever customs. The m5 bmw type ones are easiest to find and will give you around 8000 per in game day. also if you kill the merryweather pilot, they will not give you chopper service for a while. My advice is to level up to 30+ and choppers are easier to find for free. Choppers were so hard to find at a low level but now they are everywhere. Anybody git 250k bonus yet?
  13. My biggest piss off at the moment is retards in the racing. It seems all they do is try and crash everybody out.