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  1. holfords hooked me up, after many extensions its finally over ... think ill leave it std for a bit lol, cheers everybody.
  2. oh really? awesome, yeah im definately gonna need a decent extension! didnt think finding one was gonna be so hard, ill have to look into getting an extension while i try and get my hands on one!
  3. yeah, they sell parts? worth a shot cheers. nah just for noise....
  4. 2 months, dont tell me that haha! I didnt think it would be this hard, I need to pass this epa somehow! anyone know any places, wreckers that would even sell them? hmm...
  5. Hey guys as topic states im desperately after a standard cat-back for the sake of passing an EPA test due next week! If anyone has one they wanna sell/lend for a 6-pack or something... haha It would be much appreciated. Thanks, Gez.
  6. Walbro Fuel pump

    Hmm...I will attempt to rule out each scenario. I mean, it runs fine once its on, no problems under full boost or anything, car feels great when its going. Just the starting if its been off for a while.... Ill have to check if its retaining fuel in the lines... then go from there i guess! Ill keep it posted so if anyone else has this problem they can find out! Cheers for all the suggestions, Gez.
  7. Walbro Fuel pump

    As far as i know its a genuine walbro. I didnt really choose which one i wanted, had it professionally fitted by my mechanics when i did a DET conversion. Any help on the matter would be appreciated, Cheers.
  8. Hey guys, I tried doing a search but did not find the answer i was looking for. I have had a walbro fuel pump installed in my s13 and now it seems to have issues starting when the cars been off for extended periods (overnight). Every morning i try to start it and i can hear the fuel pump priming and trying to start but just wont kick over, takes a good 2-3mins of cranking to start it, after that shes fine all day! With the standard fuel pump it sprung to life first time every time!, Is this normal with aftermarket fuel pumps? or do i have an issue here? Am i missing something lol? Thanks in advance for the help.
  9. Brake Problems!

    cheers mate, was able to hunt them down.
  10. Hey ppl, I have an NA SR S13. Was just changing my front pads and the bolts that connect to the caliper have snapped. Am desperately trying to find where i can buy the bolts/cylinders that they screw into. I bought some today but were the wrong size(slightly thicker), im guessing turbo? If anyone in melb knows where i can get them, or someone has them i would be more than appreciative! Thanks in advance!!
  11. power windows

    Hey mate, I had the exact same problem, mine made a noise then dropped. You more than likely snapped the cable that drives it, youll be able to see if it is or not. It is also possible that it may have fallen off the tracks. Does the motor still work when u go to wind it up but just not go anywhere? If so its one of the above, unless the whole motors gone. I just got a new window motor assembly. Hope that helps.
  12. Panel Beaters for S13

    Thanks do luck. Yeah it wasnt my fault but i wasnt sure if they will find one or get me to get quotes, im gonna call up tomorrow, so well take it from there. Just thought id hunt down few numbers just incase. thanks guys.
  13. Hey guys, someone just backed into my car bloody hard Done damage to the door and quarter panel, just wondering if people can give me numbers of panel beaters in melb that will do S13's and a good job. I really want to get this fixed asap! Thanks in advance, Gez.
  14. power window motor

    Been looking around with not much luck. Anyone know any wreckers in melb that would have one? Btw the cable that drives it has snapped so i need a whole new motor dont i? Cheers.
  15. Hey guys, done a quick search with not much luck. My drivers power window motor has died and was just wondering where i could get it fixed cheaply? Anyone know any good places in melb? Cheers in advance.