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  1. ca18det ke70

    its out at mallala all the time now haha

    any news on AIR round? and info on pracs at tailembend?
  3. drift scrutineering?

    ahhk thats cool
  4. drift scrutineering?

    will i get away with a small crack in my front window? its runs about 1/6th of the width?
  5. Aviation

    im on my way to becoming a commercial pilot. halfway there now its not a matter of either if u want to fly. its all about if u got the coin
  6. looking nice man must be working heaps to afford all this stuff, i earn shit all from deliveries, luckily i have another job keep it up man
  7. G1 Drift Round 3 Final

    ill be there and watching as usual -__-
  8. Epic car fail thread

    some people have way too much money
  9. still no answer on the minimum age??
  10. Stock Parts Available or Needed to borrow

    need a stock series 4/5 rx7 steering wheel and rims if possible can borrow/buy
  11. is there a minimum age, cause im keen to come out and slide, but not 18 yet?? does this matter
  12. Epic car fail thread

    that guy is winning fo sho, so many different cars in the one haha
  13. Epic car fail thread

    ^^^^^ gotta love a good vn haha
  14. things that annoy you

    women and men that dont like the taste of beer
  15. Facebook V8 over Japs.

    i love this argument, so common yet soo good