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  1. I'm hoping that with my friends 180 being found in these people's backyard in Mansfield park, that some of the thefts will stop. I don't think it was a one off with them, they knew what they were doing as they were seen on his neighbors CCTV getting into The car then disabling the immobilizer. The car was found only 7kms from where it was stolen from and they only found It as the police were there at the property on an unrelated matter, so it was lucky that they got caught
  2. The police have found my friends 180, sadly they found it too late, it has already been chopped up with an angle grinder and all parts missing. Didnt take them long to strip it. Im still unsure if the police caught them or just found it dumped
  3. my friends 180 that was stolen during the night last night/this morning http://www.nissansil...howtopic=519350
  4. hey, still have not got my PM yet cheers
  5. Hi everyone

    Hi all, just thought i would introduce myself, my name is Bec, I have owned imports for just over 4 years. I have been on N.S for around 3 years but was using my partners profile, so now i am starting from fresh. I helped build my partner (now ex) s13 track car, i thoroughly enjoy working on cars, and hope to be out on the track this year in my 32. I was planning on hitting the track last year but 2 knee operations on my clutch leg ruled that out, so this year will be bigger and better for me i hope So that is me, enjoy!
  6. Hi everyone

    hahahaha, its plarnt for me
  7. Introduce Yourself

    Hi, ive been on the forum for around 3 and a half years, but was using my partners profile. I have finally got my own now, so here goes.... Name: Rebecca Nickname: Bec Where I live: Northern suburbs Adelaide What I do for a living: HR Manager at a Hydroponic farm/ Studying Diploma in HR Management What I drive: R32 GTS-T, BA XR8 Mods/future plans: R32 mods: R33 series ll Turbo, greddy FMIC, Trust 3inch exhaust from dump back, Bilstein coilovers, Extreme heavy duty drift clutch. Future plans include, 2-way diff, adjustable arms, Turbo upgrade to 2871r, injectors, fuel pump and maybe extra lock knuckles Dream Car: My 32 when its finished, but i do love chasers..... Interests: Big into drift and motorkhana, I love nothing more than working on my car. I love horseriding and hanging with my friends on the weekends Contact: doribec@hotmail.com or add me on FB: Rebecca dori Noy
  8. Photo of your ride

    This is my pride and joy
  9. All Japan Day 2011

    Anyone get pics of the White M35 Stagea? Its not the best pic, but its a pic
  10. tattoos

    This is the cover job i got done, its very well done.
  11. All Japan Day 2011

    Well i listened on the way to get out with the gutter etc but probably should of took your advice on going the opposite way to the copper, bloody bastard pulled me straight over.....lol oh well thems the breaks. Anyone get pics of the White M35 Stagea? I have one pic of it, i am sure there would be more
  12. tattoos

    i made the mistake of getting my boyfriends name tattoed on my shoulder blade when i was 17, we broke up so i got a really nice cover job done of a butterfly and some Kanji underneath it. I also have a Unicorn on my lower back and on the underside of my left wrist i have 'Lucky 13" with red cherries. i also have my tragus pierced too. I have a thing for tattoos
  13. Winton Matsuri

    I hope to be at next years drift matsuri, it was a bit short notice when i found out about this one, so i couldnt get time off work, but will book time off next year for sure, it sounded like it was a great weekend.
  14. All Japan Day 2011

    Had a great day checking out all the cars, took some pics and enjoyed the sun. Was impressed with the car numbers that turned up. Good job!!
  15. Hi everyone

    Thanks, My car is an R32, it is pretty much stock at the moment. The small list of items on it are: R33 series ll Turbo (soon to be replaced with a 2871r) Extreme heavy duty drift clutch greddy FMIC Trust 3inch exhaust Bilstein coilovers Turbosmart boost controller 17inch Lenso D1Rs (waiting to be put in, but have in garage) Bosch 040 fuel pump Just need some adjustable arms and a 2-way and i will be set for the track