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  1. WTB S15 rolling shell brisbane

    Have my own s15 that's full of rust so all I need is the bare shell to swap everything onto. Prefer one that is still able to be registered.
  2. I'd say Walbro. I had a bosch but it died after 6 months.
  3. Cold air intake

    Thanks mate. I had been worried about relocating the filter but for such a little gain I won't bother.
  4. Cold air intake

    This is more a question out of curiosity than anything but what are the actual power gains of going from a pod filter in the bay to a cold air intake? Anyone ever dynoed just that one mod change?
  5. As of last week I officially owe $0. Such a good feeling to know she's all mine now
  6. Need a replacement key

    the adm s15 is coded, jdm however isn't.
  7. Yashio Factory LED Lights for S15

    Got mine from Nengun and they came in about a month however, they'll cost you about $700
  8. Silvia Wheels

    Already changed my mind. XD9s in bronze, 18x9+30 all round.
  9. Silvia Wheels

    Thanks for your feedback. I've decided to go with bronze SSR Type C and don't worry pmod there was no way I was going bigger than 18s
  10. Silvia Wheels

    check out his tailights. Yeah, those cheap Yashio Factory lights
  11. Silvia Wheels

    So it's come time for wheel choice. I've narrowed it down but I'm at the point where I've spent so long looking at them that I now just see nothing if you know what I mean If you've got something to say (that's constructive and you don't use the word Rota) I'm happy to listen to your opinion. These are what I'm choosing out of unless by some miracle I've missed something that would look uber sexy. ADV7 F7 SSR Type C XD9 - I know these look amazing but I've seen it a lot D1R Spec C
  12. ECUTalk Alternative

    Didn't really want to pay more that $150 if it's second hand
  13. ECUTalk Alternative

    Yeah the others are a little pricey and last time I ordered from nengun it took 2 months for my stuff to rock up. So what's the right price ?
  14. I was hoping someone could help me out here So the guys at ECUTalk are out of their LCD displays (won't get more till November and let's face it I'm impatient lol) and I haven't been able to find any other similar products as I'd rather have a small display as opposed to having a laptop sitting next to me. Yeah so does anyone else do a similar product? Thanks for any help