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  1. so im bored, and today after my intense workout (seriously im like a beast bro) i saw another silvia parked next to mines. after checking it out a few things annoyed me and i thought id make a tread about it seeing as im on here all the time and I like complaining about other peoples things. so this is a thread for things that annoy you about your car or other cars or how people drive their cars etc etc. so this guys car had a full kit, work wheels with baller offset but then he still had the stock seats, and side-mount. then after that i saw him driving around the parking lot revving it like a f1. other things that annoy me are; pointless number plates like, 318i (who cares?) people who drive new cars that obviously have A/c but have all four windows open Audis mums who have one kid and drive landcrusers police the widow tint on the new maximas, that shits got to be illegal people who change lanes and indicate at the same time almost swerving (i have two cars so this one may only apply to me) when people hoon in cars that aren't made for hooning people who play music stupidly loud and have their window open i have many more but i cant remember them this is just for fun and im only trying to have a laugh so please contribute accordingly.
  2. diesel ford courier

    Dad's old Ute 267000ks Manuel starts and runs awesome. It's a bit rough dad was a renderer. Looking to sell for $2200 or swap for a small run about willing to put money up for the right car. 0401944774
  3. diesel ford courier

    Edit can't seem to pour pictures up at work. Will try again at home.

    "That's sorta thug bro" -my cousn "WOW its kind of clean!!" -Jamie from work "Hey, at least its straight" -Jamie again from work "That's too loud" -my mum Have you ever wanted a black mans willy? well now's your chance! my e30 318is is for sale at last!!!!! with a genuine 208something ks and a world class 1.8l straight 4 this car is not bad. combine that with a 5 speed getrag box and its probably the best car ever made. with a genuine m3 drivers seat you never have to worry about yourself sliding around with the massive amount of g force this car generates. that combined with huge genuine fake BBS meshies 16x8 and 16x9 means a safe and comfortable ride. aesthetically the car, or should i say piece of art sports a professional rattle can matte black paint job which only shows about 5% of the original red. WOW quality. if you ever need a break from the harmonious orchestra that is the exhaust (no mid muffler bra) it comes with a legit pioneer deck. this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own not only a peice of automotive history but an exqusit peice of art. recently done a full service plugs and everything. 2.5k firm....ish i really want a s13 so id happily trade
  5. Hey guys so I got my hand crushed and burnt really badly at my workplace. So naturally I'm at the hospital and let me tell you the bordem is worse than the pain. So I want to buy a lippy to watch some dvds. I want the dvds because nausea is so bad when I try to focus on reading I do an insta throw up. Now because I can't read and there's no wifi at the rah I can't do any research on My own. So my question is could somebody please please please help me out by answering my 2 questions? A) can I get a decent laptop for 5-700? And if so any links. If I increased my budget to say 1k would I be getting a significantly better better youtube / Internet / dvd rig? Many thanks in advance it took me nearly 15 Mins to write this up.
  6. help a crippled brother out.

    My cousin wants me to get this as it has higher specs and will last longer?
  7. help a crippled brother out.

    Ok sweet as man thanks I really appreciate it. I hate to be a pain but I can't find them on the site do you have a link?
  8. help a crippled brother out.

    So go with the 600 from msy then? Sorry I don't know the difference between and and Intel processor
  9. help a crippled brother out.

    My freind recommended this which is better? and another mate said pay more and get a 13 inch mack book I already gave a killer gaming rig at home btw. http://mobile.jbhifi.com.au/computers/toshiba/satellite-l50d-b01e-15-inch-notebook-sku-546905/?
  10. help a crippled brother out.

    Thanks for your concern guys thank god everything's going as well as can be hoped atm. Gaz the first 2 you posted is the second better?

    Price drop 1k found out its a 318 I. My fault dint do my research.

    oh and 0401944774
  13. Make : NISSAN SILVIA Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 131000 Price : $15,000 Condition : Good For sale is my 1999 Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R Aero. This has been an outstanding weekend car for the past year, but I'm looking for a change! During my ownership, I have focused on keeping the car in pristine conditon, all modifications have been installed by proffesional workshops with the aim being, to not attract unwanted attention. Car is immaculate and I've spent a lot of time and money getting it to how it is. I've had this car tuned by Declan at Garage 7, to be running E85 ethanol and is running 210rwkw very safely. I'll include a list of modifications that have been done/installed on this vehicle. Engine - earls braided turbo lines - custom made stainless intercooler piping - HDi (Hyrbid) intercooler - Link G4 standalone ECU (MAFless) - 2 stage electronic boost controller - Body - Factory aero body kit - Sparco Viper Racing wheels - F: 17x8.5+33 R: 17x9.5+33 - NSIMO power brace - 2up carbon air diverter - HSD coilovers - F: 8kg/mm R: 6kg/mm - Slotted RDA rotors all round - Braided brake lines - gkteck castor rods - Recaro Viper drivers seat - R32 GTR seats - NISMO gear knob - 18% window tint Included, but not installed - ARC swaybars - S14 limited slip diff - GT wing Must see in person to truly appreciate it. 0401944774 SMS or call only please, as I don't check my emails often. Thanks!
  14. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    Wtb bucket seat that will be lower than a r33 gtr seat on silvia rails.
  15. things that annoy you

    Fat people. There is literally no excuse bar you had some horrible injury that meant you were bed ridden for a year.
  16. Is the world full?

    We need to nuke the asians that would in all seriousness solve all population issues and environmental issues.
  17. This is my reasoning. If I were to buy a car with that low ks id want it more stock than the stockest rock. I also think once a car becomes as heaviliy modified as this that ks dont matter much any more and then theres the fact that what do you do when you get defected? That would be one expensive track only car. And 280kws on stock inernals?how longs that going to last... all of this is imo correct me if im wrong
  18. PS4

    Theres a bundle that amazon france leaked do we get that anytime soon? 2 controlers game and the eye toy thingo
  19. Is that good for just vic? Will that help out all over aus?
  20. swaybar size

    Upgrading your swaybars should be the first if not one of the first modifications you make end of story. and yeah if you already had upgraded bars I dont see it making any difference the big difference is going from stock to aftermarket.
  21. maximum wheel width s15

    So spacers? Or should I just putr 9.5s on the back? I still want it to look nice I guess.
  22. maximum wheel width s15

    Ok so im going to get 18 x 8.5 all round with 235 section federal rsrs. Is that good enough for non competitive hillclimb? And that way I can rotate my tyres as well. Oh and the ront and rear wheels will be different offsets that doesnt make a difference does it?